Do You Need a Laugh?

I mean, really, who doesn’t need some laughter in their day? I was feeling kind of blah yesterday, as it was drizzly and grey, which from my desk window made me pretty sleepy. I went to run some errands after work, and then my friend asked if I wanted to come over for dinner. It’d been a little while since we’d gotten to hang out, and a night in with a friend is always good for the soul. He made gnocchi and meat balls (delicious!) After we ate and chatted for a while about life, we watched some of this documentary about Facebook, which included some cool interviews with Mark Zuckerberg. (Then we explored the ridiculous-ness of Timeline. Oh, jeez. I’ll just let you know that I’ve refused to convert so far, and Facebook can do it for me, when it comes time.) Somehow we got in a kick of watching all the “Sh** ____ Say” videos (girls say, sorority girls say, guys don’t say, no one says, freshman say, frat guys say…the list goes on.) Earlier in the evening we watched this video our friends mom put on YouTube of her right after getting her wisdom teeth removed, so my friend decided to look these up on YouTube. I know we probably all remember “David After Dentist,” but I’m serious…these rival it on the laughter scale. I had tears in my eyes, and the kind of good stomach ache from laughing so hard til I can’t breathe. So if you need a laugh, enjoy!


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