I call this blog the “Life of Mugs,” so I may as well be blogging about my life right? Well, how better for you to know about it other than to get a little glimpse in my head? It’s a Thursday in Tallahassee, and it’s (as usual, lately) rather grey and dreary here. It’s not exactly raining, but there’s a heavy mist and fog. On the student radio station yesterday a guy described it as, “if you wanted to feel a little sad and mopey today – it’ll help.” I don’t really feel sad or mopey, but I do feel like curling up in my fleece Hello Kitty blanket and watching the “Rainy Day Women” episode of The OC. Alas, that’s not quite possible in this moment as I’m sitting at work. Though however, I should just be glad I made it to work this morning (even if it was twelve minutes late.) My car decided to throw a temper tantrum last night. I had just driven it home from my brother’s house and everything was normal, but when I got in about ten minutes later to meet my friend Lizzi for our dinner date at Panera, it started shaking like crazy and making a strange noise. Plus, my paranoia kicked in where I thought it might blow up, so I could’ve sworn it was emitting a strange smell, but I’ll admit that part was probably in my head. Luckily Lizzi is awesome, so she drove over and picked me up, (which was super nice instead of just being like “hey, sorry that sucks we can’t do dinner.) We had gotten to hang out some in Tampa for Gasparilla in January, but it was nice to just chat for a while and catch up. Time with good friends is so rejuvenating for the soul. On Tuesday night my friend Amber and I were each others Valentine, and went and saw The Vow. I’m so grateful to have gotten in some quality time with my girlfriends this week. Plus, one of the perks to living in Tallahassee is having family close by. My awesome cousin Tim offered to give me a ride to work if I needed it this morning, or if I needed help with my car in general today. So kind, and such a relief because car stuff just freaks me out.

I hate being one to kind of wish the week to pass, but since it’s been balanced with socializing and working out and making dinners, and a bit of Downton Abbey (new obsession!) I don’t feel so bad for being super excited it’s Thursday and the weekend has almost arrived. Even if this weather continues on over the next few days, I look forward to some downtime – hopefully some crafting and cooking in the mix.

On one more side note, I got a sweet text from my mom reminding me today was supposed to be my birthday. My birthday is actually on November 23rd, that’s how premature I was. My birthday feels like forever ago already, so it’s crazy to think about. In more recent years, as February 16th looms I would get the strangest feeling like my birthday really was approaching. I wish someone would do a study on this, so I could find out if I’m not the only preemie who’s had those odd premonitions.

From as far back as I can remember my mom used to always joke that she was supposed to get a valentine, but ended up with a turkey instead.I used to get frustrated when I was younger being stuck with a birthday by a holiday where everyone was out-of-town doing family things, but now I don’t mind as much and I try to just be thankful I’m here after all that stress I must have put my parents through. I can’t really imagine how scary that would have been. Another cool thing to think about is one of my friends from college just got a nursing job at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida where I was born! Funny how things work out, hmm?


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