Whirlwind Weekend

Ohh dear. Currently I can’t find my paper journal. I am trying to avoid concern about this yet. I think it’s with wherever the library copy of The Lucky One is…I had them together on Saturday. I was cleaning my room, and I thought “oh, didn’t I leave those in my car?” But I apparently I did not. If I don’t locate it over the next few days, a more scattered/in-depth thoughts may wind up on this blog, just for a temporary outlet. This weekend was pretty good. My Friday afternoons have been rather Penny Lane-esque, recently – consisting of a lot of vinyl browsing. It gives me time to unwind and clear my head, and I like to do things like this on my own without anyone rushing me. Same for my trip to Barnes and Noble. I was a bit frustrated before when I realized all the current magazines that had interviews and features with the cast of Downton Abbey were UK editions, and that I couldn’t find issues online. Well, silly me! For some reason it hadn’t occurred to me to I could just camp out on a bench in Barnes and Noble and read as many as I like. While this isn’t conducive to any collage of Dan Stevens quotes, or hair inspiration from Michelle Dockery, oh it might just be my new favorite pastime. On Saturday I did a lot of running around town after my morning run. Making returns, using some coupons, some shopping errands followed by a nice evening with my friend Megan. We got wings for dinner, and hung out at her apartment and watched SmashI know, I’m late on this one, but she’d DVR’d the pilot episode. I might be hooked. I’m a big Debra Messing fan to begin with, so that alone was enough to hook me, but oh! The theater, the music! LOVE. We sampled some So Delicious ice cream made with coconut milk, the name says it all! And she introduced me to Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, oh my! I love new music, and they’re really something. The time change kind of threw me off, so I spent a while trying to organize my room when I got home. I found this pink wicker baskets lined with quatrefoil fabric that were perfect for the little knick knacks and stationery strew across my bookshelves. Saturday was the first weekend day the sun had been brightly shining in a while. It was still pretty windy, though. Sunday had predicted equally sunny with a high of 78. I thought it’d be a perfect day to take a picnic at the Greenway after church, but unfortunately the weather didn’t stick around. They grey rolled back in, and the temperatures were mild. Michel Mears spoke about forgiveness at church that morning. It was a really great message. As soon as he mentioned that would be the topic for the day, I got Jack’s Mannequin “you’ve had an apology in your mailbox since last July, it’s funny when you find the words to say – you find no reply.” stuck in my head, which is a bit ironic with the way one of his stories tied in. This really hit home with me, as I’ve written my own personal letter of apology recently. It’d been something I’d be wrestling with for a while, but I knew it was important if I ever truly wanted to mend something. You can actually watch the service here, if you’re interested, (which I highly recommend!) My brother and some of our Inverness friends had returned from their spring break adventure in Panama City, so after a Goodwill lurk with my mom, we met them all for lunch at Red Elephant. My parents stay with friends Rachel and Matthew most of the time when they’re in town. Matthew just had a birthday and his wife had the idea for all their friends to bring his favorite – chocolate cake! – to the party. So after lunch we watched FSU win the ACC Championship title!, then hung out chatting, (Matthew using a British accent!), sampling leftover chocolate cake. When Rachel got home she taught me how to do something that most of you who know me aside from this blog would be surprised by (and will probably leave you with raised eyebrows) – I can now say I’ve taken successful jumping pictures! jumpShe’s reallllly good at them, actually (see example, LEFT.) With the time change it seems like the rest of the afternoon disappeared. I did some laundry, and dipped some strawberries in yogurt to freeze as I’d seen on Pinterest recently. If they’re photo worthy, I’ll share later. Then I just did some random projects. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I dropped my record player. It was early one morning before work, so I didn’t really have time for a complete freak out. I just made sure it still played before I left. Yesterday I was checking out my new ABBA Greatest Hits album, and it sounded kind of funny. I can’t decide if it’s the album, or because of the incident. I put off the freak out a little longer by finally finishing up some projects. I had promised a mixed CD to a friend MONTHS ago, and have just been completely awful about remembering to make them. Since it’d been so long, I felt I owed her two. One’s a pretty upbeat “springy” mix, but the other one has much slower, more calming songs. I also FINALLY put together JD’s birthday/St.Pat’s/you’re an awesome friend-package. It’s been ready for a while, but I had my fingers crossed we’d be able to see each other in person, and I could hand deliver it. To my dismay that hasn’t happened yet, so I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer (I hadn’t even sent him a picture text of it!) Once he finally receives it, I’ll show photographic evidence of my latest crafting projects. He’s the first recipient, and it’s the first one I made. I’m proud of it, and secretly hoping he loves it.

So, there you have it. Maybe you weren’t looking for a play by-play of my weekend, but that’s what I’ve got for you now. Also, I will say – I was extra dreading Monday with this whole time change, and just not looking forward to waking up in the dark. (Part of me on Sundays always has the tiniest urge to use a sick day…) BUT I’m glad I drug myself out of bed to get here this morning. Someone had gone to my manager’s son’s school last week and talked to them about GeoCache-ing. After he described it, and told us about some of the discoveries (and I recalled a creepy Law & Order episode I’d seen long ago involving this activity,) we looked at the list of locations that surround our building. It just so happens there was a hot spot IN OUR PARKING LOT, next to the Haunted House that takes place in the fall. We just so happened to spend the first part of the early morning scavenger hunting, and then eventually discovering the spot and object. I have to say, it was pretty fun. I felt rather like an explorer, and I figure it’s a good way to keep me investigative skills in tact. Let’s hope the rest of my week is equally interesting – I’ll keep you updated!

**Correction – I apologize, I got my Andrew McMahon bands mixed up. I was singing the song I referenced in the shower last night, and realized HELLO! That’s Something Corporate not Jack’s Mannequin. (The song is “I Won’t Make You.”) Just had to clear that up, thanks!**


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