Good Morning, Gorgeous


The coffee cup may be an exaggeration, but this one always makes me smile.

Well, hello there. It’s finally Friday it seems. This has been a whirlwind of a week. Actually, I’m not really sure why I feel that way except the days have gone by in a haze. Between work outs, making dinner, community group, crafting, watching Smash, (oh! and the insane Pretty Little Liars!) all outside of work – the days seem to have just disappeared. Plus, my days just have little oddities thrown in. On Monday after the gym I was trying to make a quick escape with some groceries from Walmart. Of course, this proved an impossible task. As I was fishing around the trunk for one of my reusable bags, I kept hearing someone yelling “hey” and “excuse me!” and I looked around several times, but only saw a woman trying to control her kids climbing around in a cart, and it wasn’t her. Then finally the last time I looked up, a lady was waving her hands around the roof of the car, and said “hey! over here!” So I hesitated and walked over to the car, keeping my distance not really sure what was going on. She asked me, “could you do me a favor?” (What was I supposed to say?!) So, I was like “umm, what is it?” and she sounded all exasperated reaching behind her in the car for something. “We’re just trying to get outta here – you got an ID?” “Is it expired?” “You sure you’re ID isn’t expired?” (Um, yes I’m sure.) I told her I had my license and it was not expired. So, she hands me two boxes of Keurig filters (my roommate has a Keurig, where do these filters even go in that machine?!) and asks if I can go return them and bring them the gift card they give me back so they can get gas. They told me they’d wait there for me to come back. (I would hope they would – what am I supposed to do with their money?) Sigh. I knew that threw my whole, quick Walmart trip out the window, but I felt bad what was I gonna do? So, I went up to the counter and returned them and I’ll admit it made me nervous to sign the receipt because what the heck was I even doing? But whatever, so I walk back to the parking lot to bring them the card (two boxes of those filters were worth $53 and some change!) The woman in the passenger side of the car took it out of my hand and was like “okay, cool.” And that was basically the exchange. It was such an odd situation. The rest of the trip was basically uneventful except for how Walmart keeps their dried fruit on outrageously high shelves. I’m on my tip toes trying to reach the banana chips, and there was a man chatting on his cell phone next to me. With my arm extended as high as it goes, my fingers weren’t even clearing the top of the shelf. Thankfully a lady walked by and smacked her husband and told him he needed to help me, he retrieved the bags, and I was really grateful. Are such high shelves seriously necessary? Normally Leah and I have a texting routine during PLL, and my friend Katie and I have an ongoing live commentary on Facebook, so they filled me in on what I missed. Also, now my roommate is hooked so even though she’s on a work trip out-of-town, I got texts wondering what the heck was going on from her too. Honestly, regardless of the fact that I missed the first twenty minutes – the remaining time was enough to scare the daylights out of me. Nearing the end of the episode I literally turned the volume down where it was almost inaudible, and I had to stare at the floor – that’s how scared I was, and knew in an empty house I’d be sleepless for days if I didn’t.

It’s probably safe to say the Walmart parking lot experience was among one of the more bizarre events of my week. Other than my dreams last night. (I was eaten by a humpback whale, and thought I died. Then I came to, in the shallow water of the Gulf of Mexico. I crawled up a gigantic hill of sand onto the shore. I was disoriented for a moment, but then recognized the strip of beach as part of Mexico Beach (in the Panhandle.) I began walking, and my family found me! My parents and my brother were walking together with my uncle and grandmother. This situation in itself is completely weird, since that never happened in real life, and my dad’s mother is no longer living. But at least I was safe, and not in the stomach of a whale anymore.) I woke up at five something this morning from that one, and then I just laid in my bed for a while realizing how strange that all was, and being thankful it was finally Friday.

I did have time to finally attempt this recipe from Pillsbury. My friend Lizzi made it on one of our friend-date nights in December. I’ll admit mine wasn’t much of a pretty sight (I think I used to big of a pan, and the crescent rolls were not unraveling in neat triangles, but it tastes good!)


I did get to finally try this nice little trick I’d seen on Pinterest. (Just cut up strawberries, dipped in yogurt. I did a double dip after the first round in the freeze. My choices were Dannon Light and Fit Pineapple Coconut, and Toasted Coconut Vanilla.)


One nice thing about being home alone in the mornings (other than the weary walk about the house to see if Zek the cat has thrown up in any variety of spots. He loves to surprise me like that.) is I have full use of space in the kitchen. I set out my record player, brew some coffee, make eggs, and sing at the top of my lungs while I eat breakfast and put together my lunch each day. Okay, since adjusting to the “daylight savings time” change has thrown me off a little this week, I’ll admit doing so probably cost me a few extra minutes in traffic, making me late a few days – but seriously? It was worth it.


I was running a little late one morning, so instead of picking an album, I just jammed to some SoCo.

Now it looks like it’ll be a late afternoon in the office before I can head to the gym. I’ve got to hang out and wait for a customer to pick a job they need for the weekend. Though, at least I get to watch the FSU basketball game on TV now (March Madness what?!) And hey! Like I said, it’s finally Friday! TGIF y’all!


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