Reflection on the Weekend


Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard

Hello, readers and a Happy Monday to you! 😉 I’m currently sitting at my desk left to my own devices with this book I picked up from the library listening to Jack Johnson Pandora. My parents just dropped by for a surprise visit and brought me a dose of caffeine in the form of a chocolate mint coffee, umm YUM! (Especially since I skipped my morning cup so my roommate could have the last k-cup.) While this is how I like the office best – I can’t say I wouldn’t mind rewinding to re-live the past few days. My work is a crazy place, things often happen pretty sporadically around here. For example: mid-morning Thursday my manager says, “hey! I think we’re gonna close tomorrow for Good Friday.” (okay, thanks for the less than the twenty-four notice…and it’s an unpaid holiday so people can’t really plan.) BUT since there’s nothing I can about that I decided to make the most of my unexpected day off. I stayed up past midnight on Thursday, (which I never do on week nights.) I made a fun dinner with peppers and onions mixed in with some left over meat pie, then I went for a late night trip to Target and came home and did yoga and finished re-reading The Hunger Games. On Friday morning, I slept in until 7:45 (! late for me,) and did some early morning yoga, then went to see the 9:30 showing of The Hunger Games. I wanted to see it again after re-reading it, and because I closed my eyes so much throughout the first viewing. I was determined to keep them open and not peak through my fingers, (which I did successfully.) Also, my roommate and mom both asked me about the Colton frames on Thursday and Friday so I decided to make Friday the Colton’s turn. Funny thing is I think I counted them out too soon (see pic below,) and they are the pair I think I’m going with now!


On the way to see THG.

The nice thing about morning movies (other than only being $5!) is that there is plenty of day left afterwards. So, when I got out of the theater I headed over to my brother’s apartment complex to hang out with him and hit the pool.


Miriam, Ashton, and I with our free "Top Notch" tanks.

This is why I love Tallahassee, sometimes. We went to the pool and it was packed, but we ended up hanging out with some friends Ashton and Miriam. These kids had set up a DJ booth under the tiki hut, and were promoting their new “record label/clothing line” called Top Notch Era. They gave us the free tanks pictured above, and were promoting their first signed artist, Solo. They shot some footage for a webisode and some promotional content for their website. Crazzzy kids. Plus they had kegs of free beer. (Note the tank logos are in 90s show fonts Fresh Prince and Rugrats -cool points!) It was a gorgeous day out, and a nice way to spend the afternoon. I didn’t feel old at all, which is refreshing. It made me want to ditch work for the next fifty million Fridays to soak up the sun and hang out with no worries in the world.


Sibling bonding (me with my brother Ethan.)

After I left the pool I ran home to shower and pack (we were heading to my grandma’s at the beach following a Good Friday service.) I met up with my friend Megan and went with her to Lake Ella to meet a black lab named Emmie she’s interested in fostering.


Sweet Emmie.


A view of Lake Ella.

Then we just strolled around the lake for a bit chatting, before we left for church. Lake Ella is one of my favorite spots in Tallahassee. I love to go their to feed the baby ducks bread, take pictures, climb the big tree, have a picnic, lay in the sun, read books, or write in my journal. The weather on Friday was perfect to wander around. Another cool thing is tons of people bring their dogs on walks there, so it’s fun for puppy watching too! Plus, I usually run into people I know. (This time I saw one of my sorority sisters, Charise!)


Baby ducks with their momma!

Also, we spotted some of the baby ducks swimming around with their mom. So adorable! Thankfully I only snapped a few shots instead of my normal four hundred. I can’t help it, they’re so cute!

It was nice to get to spend some time with my Nanny in Mexico Beach on Friday night and part of Saturday. On Saturday morning my mom and I got up before sunrise and went and took pictures of the full moon shining over the water. It was really a beautiful scene. I’m partial to see the sunrise too. It was chilly, but worth it. Plus we saw several groups of dolphins swimming along. The water was really calm, so it was easy to make them out even in the distance. We went back to the house and had breakfast than spent a while at the beach. My brother and Kello were kayaking and fishing most of the time. I took this picture before we left for the day. Seriously the beach is one of my most favorite places. I read my magazines (almost all with feature stories on Jennifer Lawrence who I am convinced is a kindred spirit,) and soaked up the sun and we people watched, and just relaxed.


Kayak on Mexico Beach.

Awesome braid my mom made.

 Somehow we always wind up by the same group of people on the beach. I’m not even kidding, every time. Imagine this: thick Southern accented group setting up a tent, table, cash box chairs, home-made signs and dragging a giant cooler and leaf blower down the board walk. The last time we were sand neighbors with them, people in their group got in a fight and the paramedics were called. Absolute craziness. What were they setting up you might ask? None other than Human Hamster Ball Rides!

People can simply fill out a waiver (you know, so if they’re injured or there is some life-threatening situation they can’t blame the tent people.) The participant steps inside a giant inflatable ball (we asked, they ordered it online from China.) There’s a zipper closure they insert the leaf blower through and inflate the ball while the person stands inside, plugging their ears. They have a timer that starts as they walk them out to the water. A man is tethered to the outside of the ball, also standing in the water. The “rider” tries to run around inside of the ball like a hamster. Sometimes when they can’t stand up (it looks like a pretty difficult task,) the tethered man “spins” the ball. It all looks pretty nauseating. I haven’t really seen any riders master the concept yet. It was really awkward when after rejected idea to join her son in the ball, the mom just sent him in on his own. He was a tiny fellow, probably about three and absolutely terrified. The horrific screams emerging from the ball made me think of The Hunger Games. It was totally disturbing, and I was really glad when they let him out.

These shots are of the first girl who attempted the hamster ball ride on Saturday. As you can see, she managed to stand, and jog for a second which is pretty good.


Sunset on the way back to Tallahassee.

I always hate to leave the beach, but the sunset was gorgeous on the ride back to Tallahassee.

The band rehearsing for Easter at the Civic Center.

We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got back to town. We had to pick up some ingredients, and I couldn’t resist getting some jelly beans. I fell asleep pretty early on Saturday excited and anticipating City Church’s service at the Civic Center on Sunday morning! I volunteered with the First Impressions team, so I greeted in the morning. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed getting to interact with so many different people. We had an awesome turn out, and everyone did such a good job. People seemed really excited to be there, and truly touched by the message. It is always truly incredible to see how many people come together to hear the truth about the gospel, and the sacrifice Christ made for us. (If you want to see the service you can check it out here!)


Macaroni casserole!

After church we went to lunch wtih my brother and his friends Matt and Kello. Then my parents came over to my house (Zek and Satchel were excited for visitors I think,) and we made some food to bring over to our friends the Robinsons for Easter dinner. My mom helped me make this macaroni casserole that turned out pretty good. We were all tired after a long day, but it was a perfect way to end the weekend. The evening was full of friends, great food, sweet desserts, and plenty (PLENTY) of laughter. My kind of evening!


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