Easter at The Civic Center

It’s Tuesday and I’m still hearing amazing stories about how people were touched and changed by their experiences at Easter at the Civic Center on Sunday. I know I mentioned it before, (I was super excited leading up to it,) but it felt unreal that it was finally here. I volunteered with the First Impressions team, which is basically like greeting. I had such a hard time going to sleep on Saturday night because I had butterflies of anticipation. I was a little early, so we walked into the main auditorium and could see the band rehearsing…wow. First Impressions was really fun. I was near the restrooms, so I was around a lot of people who were waiting on significant others and family members, so I got to talk to plenty of people. The energy and positive vibes were buzzing. People really seemed genuinely excited to attend. I got some hugs from friendly strangers, and everyone was in such good moods. The service was incredible, and if you missed it or want to know what the heck I’m talking about? You can check out the full thing in the video below! So many times I get caught up in the idea of “my timing” or “my plans,” but it’s truly amazing to see how God works, and watch the pieces of the plan he’s brought together unfold. It’s awesome how many people decided to accept the invite, and see what it was all about. When we understand what Christ has done for us and how he’s changed our own lives, it’s impossible not to want to share that love and opportunity with others. Dean preached nothing but the truth, and as a result almost four thousand people were able to hear the Gospel.


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