Worth Waking Up Early For

   There are a few things I really enjoy waking up extra early for. Namely to walk the beach and take photos of the moon setting or the sun rising. Those adventures only happen on occasion seeing as I live in Tallahassee and don’t have a great view of either of those in our tree filled neighborhood, (though it has its own moments of beauty as well.) Another thing I enjoy waking up early for? To do some combination of a yoga/Pilates work out. By no means will I  make claim as any kind of expert on either of the two. The workout I do is a simplified version. My senior year at FSU I took a Stretch and Relaxation class (one credit hour and we got to do awesome stuff like play Jenga and color) where we did yoga a few times a week. I was not flexible at all, and it proved somewhat difficult a lot of days, but I really enjoyed it. About a year ago I found this video on Netflix Instant Streaming of Ellen Barrett leading viewers through Crunch: Super Slimdown. It’s not even that it’s a super intense program or anything, but I definitely think it’s improved upon my flexibility. Sometimes, I do it almost every day in a week, others (when I’m being a slacker,) I do it more sporadically. Since it’s not strictly pilates or yoga, it has more fast paced sections than your average yoga program (I am too impatient for sometimes,) but you also get the benefits of some of the poses (warrior, willow, downward dog, etc.) I like the “ballet like movements”  as well as some of the core work, and I’ve found that it’s a pretty good stress reliever if I’m focused. I wouldn’t recommend relying on it for your only form of exercise, but I think it’s an enjoyable way to get some stretching in. If this has peeked your interest at all, you should totally check it out!


2 thoughts on “Worth Waking Up Early For

  1. Oh my gosh, I love to wake up early too! Part of it probably comes from the full time job on weekdays after college, but even still. I’ve gotten in the habit of waking up at 8 being a big sleeping in day. When I was in college I loved to wake up “early,” (you know how the meaning behind that changes in those years) but it seemed anytime before 9am the gym was empty!

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