Come Alive

Found on Pinterest

Seems this blog is begging for a splash of color and imagination, so here you have it. A lot of times my life feels like that, too. It’s why I really try to take advantage of the time I have outside of my current day job. It’s why I read and write and create. Why I go on walks and runs and do yoga. Why I bake and think of things to cook. Why I go thrifting and vinyl hunting. Why I like to spend time in the sunshine with my friends, or get together with my family. Why I talk to God about what the heck I’m doing with my life? There are some things I’m passionate about, some things I do, I feel have value. It’d be really awesome if I just lived at the beach and could take pictures, and volunteer everyday. I love to travel. I love words. I want to make a contribution to this world. I want what I do to yield positive results, in a way that helps people. Mostly, I enjoy sharing things with others. I believe I feel so strongly about the things I do, for a reason – that God really created me to live with such intensity for a purpose. I haven’t quite figured out how to turn the things I’m passionate about, into things I can make a living from, doing every day but when I do I’ll let you know! I have faith that it will all come together some way, eventually.  Now, let me ask you: what makes you come alive?


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