Pssst…hey! I am so excited because I just placed the order for my new eyeglasses from Warby Parker. I actually ended up ordering the Colton frames in Whiskey Tortoise:

I know, I know they weren’t in the poll but I gave them a chance last Friday, and I really liked them. I think they fit my face a little better than the Becketts because they’re not so far down my cheekbones. I just faxed over my prescription (thank goodness they make everything so easy because I had no clue how to type all of that out!) I should receive them in about ten days. (Yay! In time for early morning wake-ups en route to the airport. Who likes to put their contacts in at 4am?!) And you know, if for some crazy reason I’m not satisfied they have an awesome return policy. Oh! Before I forget, in check-out when they prompted me for a promo code I did a quick Google search that turned up this, I successfully saved $5 on my order. Have you ordered from Warby Parker before? Were you pleased with your experience? So far, they’ve had amazing customer service, and I am stillsopsyched they’re a one-for-one organization. I’m sure I’ll be gushing about them again when my order comes in, and I’m still brimming with excitement!


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