Fill in the blank Friday

So, now that I’m in more of a regular blogging habit I decided to try out this trend of “Fill in the Blank Friday” posts. My sorority sister Jacki does this regularly on her blog Wine Down (which is super cute, by the way!) She references borrowing the post from Lauren. (Just wanted to give credit, where it’s due.) So here we go!

(Not my photo.)

1. Today is a good day because  it’s Friday! This has been a rough week, so I’m ready to relax and spend some time in the sunshine this week. I’m hoping that means some pool time and maybe some of the spring game weekend activities over on campus (FSU!)

2. The best thing I did all week was  well yesterday I played with some baby ducks at work, and that was pretty fabulous because baby animals always make me happy. Tuesday was great because my community group met, and we spent a lot of the time talking about Easter at the Civic Center. It was so exciting to hear all of the amazing stories from Sunday. I met up with my friend Megan after work one day and we wandered one of our favorite thrift treasure shops, and then yesterday I hung out at the greenway for a few hours, reading and taking pictures of the sunset. That really lifted my spirits. (See, even though my work days have been particularly trying and difficult I’ve basically found something positive in each day this week – super important, or else I’d have little sanity left I’m sure!)

3. The current weather is  cool but somewhat sunny  and it makes me feel  goosebumps, but I’m hoping the mostly clear sky is preparing for happy hours of sunshine later. 

4. The best thing about spring is  beach days! That one of my best friends can start using her vacation time, so we have a NYC trip planned…picnics, pool days (you’re getting the picture, I like to be outside.) Spring means it doesn’t get dark until SO late, which is fine by me!

5. A fashion trend that I’m dying to try out for spring is  umm, is it bad that I can’t think of a spring trend off the top of my head? Two of my favorite colors are coral and turquoise (the sea foam green shade,) so I’m super excited they’re being paired together more often now.

6. A person who made me smile this week was my mom (she’s good at that!) My friend Megan I mentioned above. My brother agreeing to go out for pizza soon 🙂 my bffl JD with potential bike rides or beach days in the future (the promise of an upcoming hangout makes me smile!)

7. The most delicious thing I ate all week was  the quesadilla I made on Wednesday night. It was kind of smorgasbord with red and green pepper, onion, bacon, and fiesta blend cheese. yum!


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