Solo Saturday.


So technically the above photo is not from today, but I did take part in similar activities this afternoon so it still counts. (That’s from yesterday. I went poolside with my brother.) Sometimes I am convinced that what the work day sucks out of me, the sunshine gives back. For that I am thankful.)


The above photo was how I spent my evening after the pool. I love to eat my dinner outside and take advantage of this late evening daylight. (Note my mom is awesome and made me red velvet waffles to store in the freezer a while ago.) Later on I finally had time to check out the pilot of CMT’s new show Southern Nights. Not even ashamed to admit I was a fan of Devin Grissom’s (Phi Mu, woo!) first season of Sweet Home Alabama and I follow several of the cast members on Twitter, so this is right up my ally. Cody and Tristan are so darn adorable and I love how they stay true to their values, and openly talk about their relationship and taking things slow. Keepin’ it classy. (Okay, I know there are bar fights blahblahblah apparently Savannah is wiiiild.) So yeah, a new episode comes on tonight at 10PM, I’m looking forward to it!

But now, I write this entry to you from my kitchen counter, sipping coffee from a French porcelain cup my roommate brought back from her European adventures a few summers ago. I like inanimate objects like this, to imagine their own adventures before they made it to this house in Tallahassee. My fingernails and toenails are still wet from this new polish I’m trying out. (NYC $0.94 what’s up! Times Square Tangerine and Pink Promenade, a little alternating of both. Think color blocking but not.)

On another note today was simply superb. I wish that my week consisted of six Saturdays. I would be perfectly content with that. This morning I had a trip to the post office for my second attempt to send some homemade mix CDs to the dear Miss Jocelyne and to finally get Lindi’s GPS charger to her that’s had a home in my car since our drive to St.Augustine in November! (That’s quite a while, I’m aware.) I made a quick stop at Goodwill and Target, where I found a fun purchase (Lilly Pulitzer for $10?!) and some of the groceries I was hoping to pick up just happened to be on sale! (That’s always exciting.) A woman stopped me in the aisle to discuss her glee over pretzel chips being two dollars less at Target than they are at Publix. Then my exchange with the cashier was very friendly as well. Hey, I don’t mind chatty anything is better than grumpy. I usually have positive experiences with Target employees. I had to return something to the customer service desk in the beginning of my visit, and the woman helping me had a name tag that said “Primrose Everdeen” I got super excited so she called her friend over to show me her name tag as well, (hers said “Katniss Everdeen,”) way to make their work days awesome?! I came home to drop off my groceries (fresh avocado! I plan on trying out that Pinterest avocado fries recipe, tomorrow!) My buddy Zek was hanging out in the box Alex’s computer came in. Look at this cutie pie:

Then I headed downtown to go to the market. The weather was just perfect for such an outing, today. I picked up some tomatoes, cucumber, and a mango! Plus hot kettle corn, straight from the kettle. I had brought what was left of my iced coffee, and after browsing the handmade jewelry and photography booths, parked myself on a bench and relaxed with my snacks listening to the music stylings of Royce Lovett (check him out!) He played some of his original songs as well as covers of Tom Petty, Bob Marley, and others. It was seriously wonderful. I picked up his CD because I enjoyed it so much (also got some button and sticker swag!)


Royce Lovett

After he finished his set I gathered my things and headed a few blocks over to the local library. If you’re a frequent reader you’ve probably already figured out it’s one of my favorite places to be. I love browsing the stacks and observing everything there. It’s another one of my happy places. Even on days I’m not feeling well, when I walk into the library a certain peace comes over me. I can’t think of another way to explain it other than my bibliophile nature.  This visit I picked up The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Love Stargirl, All These Things I’ve Done, and the first two books in Suzanne Collin’s The Underland Chronicles. The library has a Friends of the Library shop at the front where I picked up several recent magazines (Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Harper’s Bazaar) as well as a few maps for future craft projects!

I came home in a wonderful mood, and went out in the backyard and hung out by the pool while I finished reading Stargirl. After such a busy morning I found myself rather tired, so eventually I settled down to take a nap. That nap ended up lasting a few hours! I woke up and made a delicious BLT but used spinach leaves at my mother’s suggestion – definitely recommend! My roommate and I just watched an episode of Mister Rogers (I kid you not!) where he taught us how to deal with angry feelings. First suggestion? Go swimming! Not necessarily what I was expecting, but Mister Rogers is still the man. Now we’re watching Lark Rise to Candleford (is that you Mr.Bates?!) And Southern Nights is about to start. Tomorrow my family will be in town, and I’m looking forward to spending my morning at City Church Tallahassee and wrapping up the weekend on a good note. Who knows what else is in store?! How have you spent your weekend so far? Anything crazy happen? Hopefully it’s been enjoyable! I’d love to hear from you, let me know!


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