Sunday Wrap-Up


Deliciousness in a cup.

Yesterday really was a nice wrap-up to the weekend, though I’m always begrudgingly waving the weekends goodbye. I spent the morning at City Church, (and what a morning it was!) Dean began preaching the latest mini-series called “Bandwagon.” It’s funny how this always seems to happen, but the message was really what I needed to hear yesterday. There’s a special friend that’s been heavy on my heart lately, and a lot of the message felt like it tied in with some of my questions and wondering about it. A lot of the message zeros in on God’s plea for us to have endurance and patience and how our journey isn’t supposed to be easy, that’s why it’s so important that we have to be constant in our patience and endurance, not just for one little trial at a time, but through all of them. One part that struck me the most was how he describes our culture’s tendency to look at circumstance and situation through negative goggles, (don’t worry I know I’m guilty of this too!) We turn hard and judgmental by continuously asking “what’s wrong with this picture?” instead of being thankful and looking for the positives. That’s something I’ve tried to do more of lately, seek out the positive in the day create my own sunshine when it seems to be lacking. There is always something to be thankful for. It all ties together because when we have this patience and endurance it allows us to take part in a more joyful walk, it enables us to give thanks.

You might be confused by the photo above, there’s not much to it I just really enjoy a cold glass of Guinness now and then. On Sunday night after my mom and I spent much of the afternoon cleaning out my closet and drawers (much-needed!) the family hit up Beef O’Bradys for some pub chips and snacks. Most people think Guinness is too dark, and aren’t really fans but that’s another little weird fun fact about me because I love it. But I also love family time, long chats, and brainstorming.Nights like that make me weary of setting an alarm to wake up the next morning.

It’s Monday now, and like I said I tend to face the beginning of the work week with a pep-less step, probably more cynical than is called for. Last week was very trying on the patience scale for me, I felt like I was constantly being tested and pushed to the edge of what I could handle with mental frustrations. But now that it’s behind me, and I had the weekend to rejuvenate, I decided to use every ounce of energy towards committing to a positive attitude. Obviously, it’s Monday and the rest of the world didn’t really subscribe to this behavior but I can honestly say it helped. It’s a lot easier to let it roll off my back, really trying that whole “kill them with kindness” thing. You know, when customers act like I’m incompetent, or speak to my like a four-year old, or belittle me for working as a receptionist with a college degree…just letting it go. Bye, bye, bye as it all drifts away. (Ahem, obviously perfect timing for me to be thankful for a job regardless of what it is at the moment.)

Of course, it’s just the beginning of the week, but we’ll see how long I can carry this through (Friday?! Let’s try Friday, or you know…every day.)

*Side note: I typed this out yesterday, which is why it’s Tuesday and making all these references to Monday, but it was still in draft mode.*


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