A Wednesday Visitor


My best friend on the planet’s boyfriend Tony is in town for business this week, which is super exciting for me because that meant we got to hang out last night! Hopefully I didn’t bore him to death with my chatty-ness but it was a good time. He was staying at a hotel down the street from my work, so I meant him when I got off. We chatted for a while then went downstairs for afew minutes to the “Social Hour,” (though I’ll admit JD puts on the best Marriott social hours!) He wanted to go some where Tallahassee-ish for dinner where we could get martinis? Of course, 101 seemed like the best option for this. Plus who doesn’t like to venture down town? Edamame and lemon drops?! Yes, please! It was so funny because as we’re sitting at the table he’s like “hey! this is kind of like a first date,” which is exactly what I was thinking. JD had wanted us to do this the last time Tony was in town on business a few months back after they first met, so it was nice that it finally came into fruition. We talked about life and work and laughed a lot. Afterwards I took him over to Fermentation Lounge, which is a really chill hang out spot. This was quite the mid-week treat. It made me miss Orlando and I’m hoping that I can visit them ASAP, (as in hopefully May or early July!)

Last night when I got home there was a small white box on the counter for me, (and a sweet card from my mom!) Guess what was in the box? My Warby Parker glasses arrived – yay!


Colton frames from Warby Parker!

This morning before he met with a client he brought me coffee to work! How sweet is that? Seriously someone needs to build a high speed cheap traveling contraption so I can get from Tallahassee to Orlando in the snap of a finger. Or I just need to go stay there for an extended amount of time. Miss them way too much!


Morning treat from Tony, isn't he a sweetheart?!

I’m appreciative of this iced coffee – it’s just the pick me up to take me through this slow morning. I can’t help thinking about how one week from today I’ll be heading over to Tampa to meet up for Shelby to leave to go to NYC the next morning!!!! Ahhhhhhh. Cannot wait. Though there’s a weekend and some days in between I’m sure we’ll be filled with other interesting times I shouldn’t rush through. How’s everyone else’s Thursdays going so far? Anything exciting happen yet?


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