Faith & Mimosas

I saw these wise words from Blair when I was browsing Pinterest last night. My roommate Alex’s Brandi Carlisle Pandora station was playing (seriously the best songs were coming on!) in the background. I smiled to myself because I am a mimosa lover. Actually, on Sunday my grand-little and I did just this. In sorority world we have “family lines,” during the semester when you pledge your chapter you get a “big sister,” she’s supposed to guide you through stuff. Then later you get your own little sister and the family line goes on and on. My big is Hailey and she lives in North Carolina going to law school now. My little sister Kaylynn (who rushed her sophomore year, so we graduated at the same time) lives in North Carolina as well, finishing up grad school. She’s actually going to keep going to school but next school year she’ll be in Athens. Now, onto my grand-little (which is Kaylynn’s little) Eryn. She’s from Macon (founding place of Phi Mu!) and I have gotten the lovely experience of getting all this extra time with her. After graduation I moved back home from a few months, but then found myself in Tallahassee again. It can be weird living in a college town when you’re not a student anymore, but you don’t feel that far removed from the experience yet. Getting extra time with my Phi Mu family was a definite perk. We tailgated sometimes, and go out for margaritas and mexican or froyo and just keep up with each other on a regular basis. It’s given me the chance to get to know Eryn’s little sister Laura, (even though I’m not in school with her,) and now this year Laura’s little sister Kelly. Unfortunately I’ve gotten spoiled, and now with graduation upon them this weekend my Eryn will be moving back to Georgia. I am a sap, and I don’t do goodbyes well at all. (Though, this isn’t a goodbye, more like a most obvious “see you later!” but still…) I’m excited for everyone graduating, I’m sure they’re ready for a break and excited for the next chapters of their lives, but ti still makes my heart ache a little. This town is constantly changing as my favorite people rotate in and out.

On Sunday, after church Eryn and I met up at Cabo’s for brunch. It was nice to have some time to just chat, and enjoy each other’s company (especially knowing that these little meet ups will be few and far between here soon.) Plus I didn’t discover Cabo’s until my move back to Tallahassee, and it was somewhere I had wished I’d known about during school, so it’s fun to add things like that to the mix. Then literally I hung out at my house for a while and watched videos of The Hunger Games cast on YouTube. Later I met up with my dad for froyo and we hung out chatting about life stuff for a while. Later on that evening I met up my parents and some friends at Macaronni Grill for dinner which was fun. Followed by packing. Thinking if I did it then I wouldn’t be doing it this week, but you know how that goes. There are always a million and one things you remember later…iyiyi. Oh well. And these are the photos I mentioned that delayed me from posting this sooner:


I had placed captions on each of these and I’m not sure where they’ve disappeared to, but the first few are the family line that’s currently in Tallahassee with Eryn in her cap and gown at Westcott Fountain. The formal wear is at Eryn’s Debutante Ball in Macon December 2010. One is the FSU vs. Clemson football game two seasons ago. The group one on the porch swing was a big Phi Mu family line photo from Homecoming Weekend in 2008. And then a few from our beach weekend in Fernandina last month. This is mostly just a little glimpse at a few of the many times we’ve gotten to spend together in my extra time in Tallahassee. Bittersweet that it’s coming to a close, but I am so thankful for it. There’s nothing like the bond of my sisters.


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