So, I have another post waiting in the wings that I was actually hoping to get published last night. I was waiting because there are some photos on my laptop I wanted to add in, but you know how life intercedes our plans sometimes. I ended up having to stay later than planned at work, (which meant I didn’t make it to the gym) so by the time I got across town to my house I had just enough time to cram in a quick walk and dinner before my bible study group met. Afterwards, I was talking to my friend Amber about crazy life happenings, and we hadn’t gotten to really catch up much lately. After a little while of chatting I got a text from my roommate seeing if I was home. Unfortunately, she got in a car accident! She was actually just up the road from where my group meets, so I went to wait on the tow truck with her and take her home. The man she hit was super nice and such a sweet heart, so that always makes situations a little bit easier to handle. I feel bad though because she has some aches and pains from the steering wheel and airbag, and I know unexpected things like this throw a wrench in your day.

I feel like I’m constantly being reminded that I’m not in control. God knows about all these little speed bumps that are going to happen in our days, (and I’m betting He’s amused at our acting surprised towards some of them.) It’s also a reminder to myself to drive safe, and you know…not forget: be kind to others you never know what they’re dealing with that day. And hey! Help a friend out when you can.

On a completely separate note, but relevant to the title of this post let me present to you what I had for dinner last night. It doesn’t have a name because I can’t think of one other than delicious yet. It’s so simple, but so yummy and filling!

Just a sandwich with:

  • two slices of wheat bread (I use Parkay butter spray for my grilled sandwiches)
  • tomato slices
  • one slice of pepper jack cheese
  • two slices of bacon
  • spinach leaves
  • avocado spread (you know when it’s too mushy to be slices? spread it like a condiment!)

voila! So simple and scrumptious. And as you can see, I’ve kind of been on a spinach kick lately seeing as this:

Your Pie.

was the pizza my brother and I split at Your Pie on Monday night, and my breakfast this morning involved a similar array of vegetables (including spinach leaves,) in a sort of omelet.

What are your go-to fast but great meals? Also, while I’m asking questions, we always have a little question of the day kind of thing at the beginning of our group meetings to get discussion going. Last night the prompt was what’s our favorite movie and our least favorite movie? (The real question said that we “saw in theaters” but that went a little to the wayside.) Some of the movies mentioned are also in my top list (Life is Beautiful, Princess Bride.) I hate narrowing things down, but I’ll tell you this: I cannot pick between Garden State and Elizabethtown. Since I’m not in a group setting talking about movies that often anymore, I had to ask if anyone had seen United States of Leeland (no one had.) Of course I had to mention Little Miss Sunshine but all of my favorites are an extensive list (Almost Famous, The Royal Tenenbaums, Life As a House, Big Fish, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Sandlot, Remember the Titans, Steel Magnolias, Notting Hill, The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, Magic in the Water, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Office Space, Man on Fire, Love Actually, The Big Green) on and on. So as a little get to know you Q: what are some of your favorite movies?


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