“Don’t Let Your Dreams, Be Dreams”

The title comes from the song by Jack Johnson.Happy Friday everyone, and while I plan on doing a little fill in the blank post (I know, twice in one week? But I like them!) this morning I was driving to work, (a little late I might add…) and I couldn’t stop thinking about dreams. Of course, now that I attempt to blog about it, last night’s dream is escaping me. Though I can tell you this: earlier this week I dreamt about a math exam. I was supposed to take it in a cafeteria, in a booth. I hadn’t studied at all. It felt like I was drawing for an art class, the angles of triangles on the test. I woke up so relieved that I didn’t have to do that in real life. I mean seriously? I’ve also been dreaming about working on sets for shows on Broadway. No, I’ve never done this before but it seems really awesome in my dreams! It’s really bugging me that I can’t recall last night’s dream again, (I hate when that happens.) If it comes to me, I’ll be sure to share but in the mean time can I tell you about my friend Justin’s dream I was in this week?

I have had time to ponder and this is what I have come up with. We were out white water rafting and we stopped to eat lunch, when we did big foot came out and told us stories. He was a groovy guy.

That’s a little excerpt from the message he sent me, filling me in. Doesn’t it sound like we’re quite adventurous in the subconscious? I love it.

In case you haven’t heard it, here’s Jack Johnson’s “Dream Be Dreams”:


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