Dream Life

Last night I had another interesting dream. I may have misplaced my dream journal so why not document it here, and you guys have a peek into the oddities of my subconscious? This was one of the strangest dreams I’ve had in a while, and I can’t really pinpoint what would have accounted for it.

I was in an outdoor mall in LA, hanging out in line by a movie theater with…Danny Masterson? (Yep, the guy who played Hyde on That 70s Show.) This wasn’t the first time we’d hung out either, apparently it was an on-going thing. Before we even reached the window to buy our tickets for the movie, we had to the “DTR (define the relationship” talk. Yes, really. Apparently it was important that we decided to Facebook officialize our relationship? I mean really, this is probably something that will never happen in real life. I doubt you will see on my Facebook page in any of the next twenty years “Meghan Ellzey is in a relationship with _____” fill in the blank with a famous male actor. Yeah, so to him this was like no big thing, but I’m kind of internally freaking out and thinking how is this going to go with paparazzi etc. The movie was an action flick and I was completely distracted and my stomach was filled with all kinds of butterflies, so I slipped out and walked down the plaza to an arcade and played some games, and then went back to the movie? Seriously, weird. But the stranger thing was that the next morning (in dream world,) I woke up in Florida not California. Obviously Danny wasn’t too excited that all of a sudden his new girlfriend was on the other side of the country without any warning. I was hanging out at my grandma’s house, and tons of my younger brother’s friends were over there. There was all kind of chaos in the kitchen, while my grandma was frying chicken. The phone rang and I accidentally answered it with my opening greeting I use at work, “hello this is ___ ___, how can I help you?” then I was like “oh no, I’m sorry I am so used to answering the phone that way this isn’t really __ ___” BUT turns out the person on the phone was a work customer. Everything was all kinds of scrambled up and crazy.
I woke up and nothing was really resolved, and I’m still not really sure why I would dream that Hyde was my boyfriend? So, so weird. But it’s at least given me something random to ponder all morning.

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