Beach Getaway

Here are a few more fun photos from a beach weekend getaway over the Memorial Day holiday at my Nanny’s in Mexico Beach, Florida.


Thursday afternoon, after work I met my brother and we began the treck over to Mexico Beach. (Note the yellow kayak in the middle joining us for the ride.) To my surprise E suggested we listen to the new John Mayer album. Sweet!


Heading to the beach on Friday morning, woohoo! Credit to my mom for that awesome bun braid.


Brother bear letting me snap a photo of both of us before we drug all our stuff down to the shore.


Look at that gorgeous view!


Of course the human hamster ball family was there in action.



I drank my morning coffee out of my favorite Seaworld cup at my Nanny’s everyday, and these are my mom’s famous waffles mm-mmm!


Homemade orange icecream! (Drizzled with chocolate syrup? Yes, please!)


Beach view from the highway. Sunshine and palm trees.


Three little kayaks sitting in a row.


Breakfast – I like a colorful plate.


Aforementioned food truck, Gourmet by the Bay.



Even the clouds were gorgeous.

The next few photos are curtesy of my mom. This post is already pretty photo heavy, so bare with me. (There are about a katrillion I’m omitting, but it’s so hard to choose!) I’m sure Life, Leadership and Faith will post some more of the beautiful scenery shots at sunset, as well.

Probably one of my favorite family photos, ever.

If you know me at all, you know what a feat it was to capture this one.

But of course the little bro has plenty of mad skills. Show off. (JK!)

I feel like this photo is a good summary of our sibling ship. (Before or after he convinced me to kneel down on the ground, so he could prove he could jump over me?)

Me and my beautiful madre!

A few more fam shots, our last morning at the beach.

Seriously, this was just the best couple of days spending time together, getting to chill out and just take in nature, not be in a rush for anything. The best.


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