Friday Fun

TGIF again right? Even if it feels like it takes light years for Friday to get here, as we wade through the week in its chaotic minutes of frustration, it always arrives eventually right? (Or hey, maybe that’s just me and you have spectacular Monday-Friday situations from the hours of 6am to 5pm that you just can’t wait to head to and if so: yay for you!) I’m aware my posts have been pretty photo heavy lately, but I’ve documented a lot on my phone and then I realize hey! why am I not sharing this? So today, I give you some shots from last Friday (and maybe I’ll include a few from the rest of the weekend.

After work, and a run on Friday afternoon I headed over to Rail Road Square with my brother and his friend JT. We met up with my girlfriends Amber and Megan. It was First Friday, so RR was full of food trucks (my faves) and all the shops are open late! We wandered around (I found a cute Lacoste skirt ($12) at Wonsaponatime and a pair of red linen pants and some polka dot H&M shorts ($10 total!) at Twice Around the Square.) I’d had quite the craving for mac-n-cheese last week and finally got some from the delicious Street Chefs truck! Umm, also during our wandering I saw that there is now a Turnovers food truck! They have sweet ones, and meaty ones (like empanadas!) Crazy, but awesome. The guys left to go watch the Heat game, so we sat up on the wall and ate our snacks, and chatted and people watched. There was a girl belly dancing next to us in a teal Jasmine-esque costume, and a guy wandering around wearing a beer barrel. That’s how it goes…

The Cravings Truck was back at RR (their specialty is chicken and waffles!) If you haven’t, go try their red velvet with cream cheese glaze mm-mmm! Though my favorite so far was probably the nutella with sliced banana!

The boys surveying their options at Fat Mac’s Cafe.

Just hanging out on a ledge.

Too bad I ate all my mac before I could show it to you…

Following our RR escapades, we headed over to the Hop Yard, where we enjoyed some beer in mason jars and the awesome music stylings of Bounce House. They have a great bluesy-bluegrass sound. I would love to see them play again soon!

I just love the lights they have strung up out there. Then have a grassy hill, some people bring blankets to hang out on plus all these picnic tables. I always feel like I’m at a summer BBQ, which I love too.

Amber and me.

So simple, but so awesome. I can’t remember the name of the beer I had (probably because I couldn’t pronounce it.) It started with an “F” and was really hoppy (ie: delish.)

Me and Megan.

With Amber again. Love that girl! Too bad I didn’t take any photos from our alum night on Tuesday or we’d have had some then!

The rest of my weekend was just spent kind of relaxing. I ran some errands on Saturday, went for a run and hung out by the pool. I watched You’ve Got Mail and went to sleep kind of early. Sunday I heard a great sermon from Michael Mears about pride in our hearts and genuine prayers (click the link to watch the video) at City Church. Went to lunch with some friends from church, and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling with the fam. We went to Big Easy Snowballs made a dinner of pizza and salad together (I’m kind of a pizza fanatic lately, and hadn’t eaten any since NYC!) and watched The Jubilee coverage and the specials on Kate & Harry on CNN. *swoon* I’d call that a good weekend, though it felt like it flew by!

Saw this at Marshall’s on Saturday (apparently Amber bought it for her room! Great minds 😉 But really, good advice I should take to heart and putting into action in my own life.

Found these at Walmart, they were the only box on the shelf tucked behind a bunch of normal boxes! (Though I do just enjoy Barnum’s boxes in general – they’re so fun with the little carrying handle. And let’s face it, I’m a perpetual child…)

Snowball from Big Easy. A combo of the hurricane flavor and coconut cream!

Saw this at Walmart, too. If it wasn’t $12 I probably would have picked it up. I’m fascinated by secret societies!

The hot light was on (and yes I do have the hot light locator app on my phone,) so we picked some up to enjoy while watching the Royal Family coverage!

The Key Lime Pie donut (summer limited edition I think?) with graham cracker crumbles is DELICIOUS if you were wondering!

So, there you have it. A little recap just in time (almost) to start the weekend over again. Hope it’s lovely for all of you! Any exciting plans?




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