Rainy Days and Mondays

I’m totally aware it’s now Thursday, (haha the irony of that is I almost typed “Wednesday,” which would just cancel out everything…) and my title is referring to Monday. Thankfully, it’s almost the weekend again but last weekend I ran away to the beach once again. Florida seemed to have a barrage of storms all over the state, so you got some rainy days wherever you were. My thoughts on this are that rainy days at the beach beat rainy days somewhere else so how could I complain? I needed a little escape from town again. There’s just times when I feel like I’m suffocating, and I need a little getaway. Really they were a relaxing few days though, spent reading (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Seriously…I’m Kidding,) watching The Tony Awards, some gymnastics, and a girl I went to college with anchoring the news. Ate some good food, went for a few walks on the beach…love that cold sand between my toes. Went for some morning runs that seriously spoiled me. It was so nice to just head out the door and go, no driving to the gym to hit a treadmill, and just miles and miles of flat paved land that didn’t kill my ankles. I met some friends of my family that they hadn’t seen in THIRTY years, that was some cool time. They were so kind and funny and had so many fascinating stories to share. We also wandered around a couple of the shops we never really check out, which had some cool beachy crafts and met an awesome photographer who shared some really touching stories that had me tearing up. Those interactions are always pretty cool. It really was a nice little break from things! Due to some unforeseen mysterious plague of sickness, I ended up coming back to town later than planned which has made this week go by even faster, which I can’t complain about either! Anyway, here are a few photos from the weekend I snapped on my phone:


The Madewell Roadtrip Songs playlist I jammed out to on the ride over Friday night. If you haven’t checked it out, DO IT! There are some great bands featured on there I hadn’t listened to in a while.


Few things beat a well made Mojito.


Fried dill pickle chip I first thought looked like a heart, but after my friend Becka’s suggestion I can totally see a mockingjay. Thoughts?


Black cloud, beachy mood swings.


View from my Sunday morning run.



The sunshine played peek-a-boo occasionally.


Pina coladas are hard to beat, too 😉


Great for afternoon happy hour snacks, and free wi-fi.


Grammar police, but I like the sentiment.


Purple drink…seriously.


My mouth might be allll sweet teeth.



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