Random Friday Morning Thoughts from an Overactive Imagination…

So, one of my co-workers is out of town visiting her sister in Arkansas. Last night I dreamt that she was at work today (she’s not supposed to be back until Tuesday.) She was sitting at her desk when I got to work, and I said “what are you doing here?!” She explained to me, it was “so boring” when she got there. Ticking off on her fingers all of these annoying things about her arrival – there wasn’t any cable, only one book in the house and she was just so bored! So she decided to just come back. The kicker was (yeah, didn’t even get to the crazy crazy part of the dream yet) she flew from Arkansas to NYC! Then because there weren’t any flights to Florida she TOOK A CAB! All the way from New York City…it cost $350. Yeah, who the heck knows what that was all about. In real life, she was not in the office when I got to work today.

Then just to give you a little insight into the spiral of my outta control imagination – I went for a run this morning, and in order to be done and get ready and eat breakfast in time before work half of my run is in the dark. (Bathed in the moonlight! And the occasional street lamp…) I literally didn’t pass anyone on my run. (Oh wait, I take that back – I forgot I passed one older woman walking her dog.) It was just weird because on my Wednesday morning run, the sidewalk was packed. So, I anyway with this solitude on the dark streets I had plenty of time to freak myself out (you know, thinking I saw an armadillo, almost tripping over branches etc.) There’s this no outlet road I did a few laps around because hello! who needs to drive down a culdesac at 5am? Well, apparently…someone does. Someone that goes speeding by in a Jeep! They didn’t actually go in any driveways, and it happened twice so it kind of creeped me out. Then when I was running on this side street closer to my house I saw a spitty peppermint candy glistening in the middle of the road. Naturally my first thought was the crazy killer in the Jeep lured a child into his vehicle with candy and that’s what was left behind…

Yeah, ridiculous I know. The joys of an overactive imagination.

Then when I was driving to work this morning, a Liam Hemsworth look-a-like passed me on a scooter.

Now that’s enough to make me think the weekend might have some interesting events in store! 😉


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