Throwback Thursday

In the everpresent vein of nostalgia that exists in my thought world, I thought I’d indulge in the practice all my Instagram friends seem to partake in on this particular day of the week: Throwback Thursday!

So, let me present to you a few flashback photos from my fading youth 😉

Weird how life comes full circle right? Picnics at the park during old Tally days with my dad…(we just had a picnic at the park here a few weeks back…)

Check out that sweet outfit my mom made!

That’s my mom and Nanny! At my grandparents house back in the day, super old school. Love it! 🙂

Springtime Tallahassee parade with the cousins, 1994!

Aww look how precious my little bro is…(that’s a lovebug by the way!) Also, I was kinda bossy if you can’t tell…

Art Smart where we actually ran a little art store for a week in the local mall in 5th grade. I was a cashier…

Okay, so while I look like I’m making a sour face here – Camp Harmony is one of my favorite middle school memories! And what would camp be without major hair braiding sessions?

Contrary to popular opinion, I was actually a gigantic fan of middle school. I don’t mean this in the retrospective way, like oh I realized those were some fun times several years down the road later. No, I actually enjoyed it while I was in the middle of it. I didn’t want 8th grade to be over…(BTW this is from my 13th birthday in 7th grade.)

We were so excited for Kir to come back from Australia! This was her showing us all the pics from her trip. I think we ate TimTams and I don’t know why I’m wearing that beret?But that “I ❤ E.T.” shirt was a sweet gift from JD.

Okay so those were super random, but this won’t be my last Throwback Thursday post – if these were amusing to you at all, keep an eye out for one in the future. I went through a major scanning old photos process, the summer after graduation when I had plenty of time (and it took forever before my parents got this sweet super fast machine!) so I have plenty more I can share, haha.


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