Fill in the Blank Friday?

Ok guys, it looks like Lauren at The Little Things We Do has given us a “topic” Friday, BUT the topic is summer. I could go on and on about summer, the season, the life, the people we become during those long hot days but I’ve already dedicated an entire post to summer this week. If you missed it, go read it! Annnd share with me something about your memories of summer? (I know I’ll be writing about it again, just don’t wanna give y’all summer overload right now haha.)

Although, I haven’t written any sort of haiku (5-7-5) in quite some time so I’ll give that a whirl:

Sunshine fills the heart

Run barefoot in fresh-cut grass

Wish on every star

It’s a compilation of all things summer to me…the heat of the sun that warms up your soul. The feeling of being wild and free running as those green blades of grass stick to the bottom of your feet. The way those long days of sunlight stretch into warm nights with dozens of stars lighting up a clear sky. Once upon a time I quit making so many wishes, but there’s something about the feeling of possibility when you do make those wishes…

And I gotta share with you a pic, I was determined to take right at the “official” start of summer (yeah, that’s debatable blahblahblah…)



4 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank Friday?

  1. That picture is so cute & good job on the haiku! I have never done one that I now of so I without a doubt did not do one of those for my blog post today lol! but i see how those few lines explained several things for you with what you love about summer 🙂

    • Aww thanks! 🙂 And yeah it had definitely been quite a while since I’d attempted a haiku, I felt a bit rusty on that poetry side of writing.

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