Wonderful Wednesday

I know, you’re probably sitting there staring at that title thinking what is so wonderful about Wednesday? Right? Or is that just me, and my inkling to be cynical now and then. First of all, we’re almost at the halfway mark of the work day in the halfway mark of the work week! That is wonderful, (and a lot of w’s, in itself.) I’ve been struggling to drag myself out of bed. The sun has reemerged in Tallahassee today, but my drooping eyelids aren’t feeling the perkiness. I brought popcorn for lunch today, and my banana has a sticker on it that says “El sabor de tu tierra,” (the taste of your land?)


This morning I received an e-mail saying Ruthless (PLL #10) is ready for pick-up at the library! I saw the beautiful island of Sark on the Today Show this morning, (which is definitely inspiring some wonderlust.) There’s chatter about the gymnastics Olympic trials this week! I’m still in the middle of reading this wonderful book MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend (look the paperback costs less than the Kindle version – love when that happens!) Though I suspect I’ll probably be finished by tonight because it’s just that good. I originally found out about it on Hello Giggles when I read this awesome article by Sarah Heyward, who actually went to school with the author Rachel Bertsche. Bertsche is awesome, and I would love to go on a friend-date with her (though I don’t really meet the requirements seeing as I would just add to the list of friends a plan ride away.) Heyward always contributes really clever articles to HG, and it feels like we share a lot of the same brain because we obsess over the same tidbits of pop culture. Plus! She writes for HBO’s Girls – extra awesome points, duh! I’m sure you’ll see me ramble on about this book after I’m done reading, over at MegSays. Other than that, this week I’ve been doing some crafting (keep your eyes peeled to find out what I’m working on!)


I had time to finish Anderson Cooper’s Dispatches from the Edge, which was literally a-mazing. Sarah Dessen retweeted one of my tweets! I had my Tuesday night live-watch of Pretty Little Liars with my girlfriends. I made a yummy spinach, pepperoni, fiesta cheese blend quesadilla for dinner one night, and a spicy black bean burger and grilled vegetables the next. I baked some brownies and watched a few more episodes of season 2 of Dawson’s Creek.


Plus, after a week of taking a break from running to try and let whatever was going on with my left leg clear up, I finally went for a little jog yesterday! I’m trying to take it easy, so I only went two miles but it was better than nothing because boy was I missing my runs. Basically, this is why it’s wonderful because the week has been filled with these little things. Really it’s the little things that get us by anyway right? What’s something wonderful about your week, or this Wednesday? Let me know, I’d love to hear!


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