Throwback Thursday Second Edition

When it’s been a handful of days since the sunshine has made an appearance the days just seem to kind of bleed into one another, but somehow someway Thursday has arrived again! Doesn’t it seem like I just did a “throwback Thursday” post? Yeah, I thought so too! Well, if you’re up for another round of a glimpse into the family album of awkward goofy moments – you’re in luck!

One of my absolute favorite photos of my parents! (Now you know where I get my wild hair from!)

Another all time fave. This is the day my brother Ethan came home from the hospital! He was five weeks old, and weighed five pounds. Mom says I “read” to him all afternoon.

Love this one of Ethan carving pumpkins at Halloween. (Who let me hold a knife, right? haha)

Perhaps that’s the finished project?

The Roller Barn was like everyone’s “spot” for birthday parties. Flat squares of pizza, those embroidered lanyards at the shop counter. The races! The chicken dance in the middle of the floor. By middle school there were “couple skates” you know the jazz with the lights turned down low and some weird slow R&B song playing? This is a classic shot with my crazy eyes, and basically summarizing my years at the Barn. Carpet skater for life. (Also note if I kept that shirt I could wear it today and no one would know the twenty year difference.)

Another classic childhood shot from Mexico Beach. On the left is my younger cousin Levi, me, then my brother Ethan, and on the right my dad. Note the clasped hands making a “one.” We were learning how “to be one with the waves,” which was our mantra for the week of body surfing.

This one’s all pixelated and weird (my dad actually has a more normal version of this one at my parent’s house,) but it gives you an idea of my signature style Bo Derek braids I had for a while courtesy of my mom’s awesome skills. I think I was in 8th grade in this pic, so about thirteen making Ethan nine or ten.

Christmas card photo circa middle school (6th grade?) featuring our Great Dane mix Nitro (named by E during his wrestling mania phase.)

Katie’s birthday (7th grade?) she’s the one holding the yellow balloon. Ohh man, this was a fun group!

If you’re still enjoying these photo flashbacks, tune in next week for another Throwback Thursday post!


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