Sorry for the absence of posts recently. I got a little frustrated because I’d typed out some long entries with several links, and all that jazz and then WordPress crashed and I lost the entries, so I just didn’t feel like attempting again for a few days!

Now it’s Tuesday and the third of July. My place of work will be closed tomorrow in observance of the holiday, so it’s kind of like a weekend in the middle of the week! I’m looking forward to staying up late tonight, maybe doing some crafting and not feeling guilty about the time! Then tomorrow I can go for a super early run before I’m drowning in the humidity and maybe some yoga, and I’ll be able to take a nap before I meet up with my brother and some Inverness friends that will be in town! My brother’s fraternity is having a party tomorrow for the 4th with a giant water slide. Casting my age aside I figured it’d be a good way to hang out with them for a bit, and give me something to do. The 4th falling in the middle of the week, makes it kind of impossible for out of town plans!


I’m wearing this scarf today, which just adds some happy in general because it’s so colorful. (Plus, it makes me think of my middle school art class which I’ve been longing for lately. Endless supplies, and no rules? Love.)

This morning I willed myself out of bed to run before work, and though it was dreadfully hot I did see two cardinals playing in the street together, and an owl perched on a street sign! Those were sights to be seen. (Also, can I let you in on a little secret that I’m horribly tempted to just put on Twitter but I am pretty sure it will only solidify my crazy. My motivation this morning as I rounded a dark culdesac for the second time? I literally asked myself, “would Gabby Douglas stop if she got tired? Obviously not! Keep going.” Yeahhh, she’s my new fave. Am I crazy? Do you talk to yourself like this? Are you as freakin’ pumped for the Olympics as I am?!)

My friend Laura sent me a letter in the mail that I received last night. I saved it, and brought it with me to read at work today. It definitely added some cheerfulness to the day! There’s really nothing quite like hand-written snail mail. She’s one of my faves to exchange film, reading, music thoughts with too so that’s always exciting as well.

I’m reading the second most recent Pretty Little Liars novel, Ruthless (note: it was on my TBR list for the summer, so hey! progress!) And I’m just planning crafting ideas in my head. So, even though I’m stuck inside at a desk in an office where the phone is only occasionally ringing, I can’t really complain right?

Hey, it’s Tuesday and I am choosing to be happy. Now, let’s just cross our fingers that there aren’t any creepy phone calls that try to destroy that decision.

In other news, this little cartoon from somecards cracks me up, no matter how many times I read it. This explains my relationship with math, and kind of how my thoughts string together period.

 So, what do you have on the agenda for today, or tomorrow? Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


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