Throwback Thursday: Third Edition

I hope everyone had a seriously fantastic fourth of July. I’ll probably do a little festive post tomorrow, but today I’ve got the third edition of Throwback Thursday for you!

Because you can never get enough of kindergartners on the playground. (Note the cool birthday crown!)

My super short stint as a cheerleader at cheer camp with my old friend Jillian. She went on to be a real cheerleader up through high school.

I have to add this because I just can’t get enough of the adorable/hilarious photos we have of Ethan, constantly dressing up when we were little! Like seriously, checkout this get-up. Not only is he a cowboy, but he’s got a horse too.

Third grade was really awesome because every time we learned about a new period in ancient history, we’d have a themed party! This is me with my fantastic teacher, Mrs.Allegretta at our Egyptian party!

This is one of my favorite photos from a fifth grade end of the year sleepover/pool party. I feel like it just screams “summer!”

With our Great Dane mix, (who was really great) Nitro, in sixth grade.

This one just cracks me up since I was thinking about inflatable games after sliding down a blow-up water slide yesterday. This is from an AIM club celebration date in high school. Human jousting!

This one is from photo class my senior year with my friend Becca, taken by our friend/her sister Sarah. I love black and white and this class was one of my favorites in high school!

Well, there you have it for my third installment of Throwback Thursday! Tune in next week for another round of photos from my nostalgia files.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Third Edition

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