Happy Birthday, America!

Alright, it’s not really a secret – in a sea of patriotically crazed kids in this town I am not generally the most spirited. Honestly, I own more items with the British flag on them, than the American. But that is beside the point – Wednesday was the fourth of July, and while at first I was like oh this is so stupid having such a holiday in the middle of the week?! Fun definitely won out over skepticism. I mean, it’s a holiday in which the country participates in all the best stuff – themed treats, fireworks, outdoor activities where anyone can play like an eleven year old, drinks…it’s just all around awesome. Plus, I love that unlike Labor Day we’re not saying goodbye to summer once it’s over. Here in Tallahassee I started the day with some coffee and art, until my brother and our out of town friends were awake. I went over and ate breakfast with them, and then literally as soon as we walked to the parking lot ready to embark on our adventure for the day – it started raining. Not just raining, but pouring! But you know what? Who cares! Because really, wouldn’t you rather be playing outside barefoot, listening to good music, drinking beer, and sliding down an inflatable water slide 3,000 times in the rain than sitting in an office building? Yes, my thoughts exactly…

I didn’t get that many photos because, as I mentioned earlier we were in the middle of a torrential downpour and so ruining my phone or camera didn’t really seem like the most brilliant idea BUT we did manage to capture a couple!



This is how I started off the morning, coffee and paint.


The only dry photo I have from the day!


Look at that crazy angry sky!


This was the water slide, (which was covered in baby oil to make it super slick.)

Okay, that’s not my photo (it’s actually from JD’s 4th celebration,) but our ladder looked the same so you have a better idea!




See, festive treats! Adorable right?



This has nothing to do with fourth of July, but isn’t this awesome?


Tailgate kiddie pools are a common thing around here, but I still love them.




Yeah, so that water slide made for some battle wounds (imagine being at the bottom of the ladder and someone coming barreling down, or collisions at the bottom of the slide, or sommersaults over the ladder…haha) but in the words of my mom: “The hurt is worth it, don’t you think? It’s like scars – proof that you survived something!” And I’d way rather “survive” something that’s a blast, you know?!


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