Happy Birthday, E!

Today marks my little brother Ethan’s 21st birthday! Seriously, how did that happen? I can’t even tell you where the time went. I don’t feel like my 21st was last week, let a lone multiple years ago where it’s his turn now. What the heck, right? We got new neighbors next door, and the other day the little boy who I’m guessing is probably about seven or eight was playing on the slip in slide outside, adjusting the sprinkler and flailing down it over and over. If I was about fifteen years younger, I’d go join him but I’m not gonna be the creepy old neighbor next door (regardless of the fact I could be mistaken for a child.) In that moment, I was extra thankful for my brother. Having a sibling with a three and a half year age difference is like having a built in friend throughout the years. There was always someone to slide down the slip n slide with, or run through the sprinklers, or run around with when we were exploring places on vacation, or bury in the sand at the beach, or commiserate over awkward family gatherings with. I may have wished on troll dolls as a pre-schooler that my brother would turn into a girl so I could have the little sister I wanted, but oh how thankful I am that he didn’t. I won’t lie, I’m the stubborn one, and he had to live in the same house as me during my ridiculously awful, awful teenage years (who knows how he did it because I know I was a meanie, temperamental and crazzzy.) We had our share of spats over the years, but basically got along pretty well. Especially now, we hang out pretty often and actually appreciate each others company. I may be the older one, but he’s definitely gotten extremely wise over the years, where he’s the voice of reason in my ridiculous crazy rambles and he’s protective like a big brother. Basically he’s my big little brother. Ethan has a great personality, he’s really good at being a good friend, he’s fiercely loyal and honest and he doesn’t really put up with drama and bs. His laid back style makes it easy for him to hangout with basically anyone. Plus, he got all the math and dancing skills of the family. He’s smart and he’s good with school in a way that comes easy (where as I slaved over my homework.) He’s really good at balancing things without getting crazy stressed out (*ahem* note the differences here, haha maybe it’s a younger child thing.) So basically my brother is one of my best friends, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I know I’m not just lucky, but blessed.

Now I’ll share with you some of the photos of a few of his birthdays over the years:

Bumper Boats at Fun Station

Literally the first pic from him turning sixteen!

Licking the beaters from the funfetti cake I made.


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