Throwback Thursday: Fourth Edition

It’s already that time again! Doing these little throwback Thursday posts makes me realize how quickly the weeks seem to go by. Of course, the weekends always feel like they fly but these week days seem to have disappeared fast too. If this is the first time you’ve stumbled across one of my Throwback Thursday posts, they’re just a time I like to include some old photos from the past several years, usually featuring family and friends and occasionally some baby photos or an appearance of my awkward bangs stages. My parents are in the process of packing up my “childhood” home, so I’m sure at some point there will be a massive scanning session of old photos again which just means more material for these posts!

Now to what I’ve rounded up for you this week:

The classic Olan Mills sibling shot. Oh my.

If you’re curious, my brother operated at that high energy level the majority of our childhood. Hahahaha.(That’s at Universal, btw.)

Once upon a time I was domestic, y’all. I’m bringing it back…

Look at that – I could butter bread AND do the dishes 😉

This is why first grade was awesome. We had a PAJAMA PARTY at school! It was basically the coolest thing, ever.

Check it out – this included choreographed dances!

I know, so similar but the facial expressions are cracking me up.

Remember how I mentioned how he let us bury him in sand? Yeah, here ya go: Daytona beach. The 90s.

I don’t even remember how or why this photo got taken? I probably wanted my Safety Patrol post documented because I’m a super nerd like that. Looking at this I’m wondering to myself who the heck would listen to me about anything? Mostly I enjoyed that this was a prime people watching spot for the bus ramp. (5th grade.)

If you’re ever curious what I would look like with red hair – here’s your image. My BFFL JD (that I mention on the regular it seems, in this blog) and I circa tenth grade? at Theresa’s house. Definitely enjoyed a good phone chat with this one just last night, funny how some things don’t change…

Until next week…have a fabulous Thursday everyone! And if you’re curious I’ll probably end up posting a little Throwback Thursday song over on MegSays later.


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