Throwback Thursday Number Five

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been a little text-heavy on the posts lately, but hey it’s time for Throwback Thursday again! For your viewing pleasure: a peak into the Life of Mugs scrapbook. Today is basically an ode to fourth grade, which I didn’t realize at first but I’ve got quite a few photos from that year scanned, so why not? Here’s a dose of some extreme nineties style and awkward nine and ten-year old phases we all have.

In fourth grade my awesome teacher Mr.Hebert won Teacher of the Year for the state of Florida, (which was well deserved because he was seriously the coolest.) There was a big ceremony in Orlando and a few of us from class went (see below):

That’s one of those great candid ones that’s so awkward it’s good.

The happiness in this photo kind of just blows my mind. Could we be cheesin’ any wider?

But another tid bit about this event: Lauren Hutton was Burdines spokeswoman. If only my fourth grade self had been more aware of her awesomeness. Also, I like to play this as the few degrees of separation I have from the Olsen twins.

Josh and Matt with Frank Brogan.

Her expression is priceless.

Marine science station field trip. Awkward to the max for me. Who knows what I captured on that disposable camera.

Notice a trend of who I’m always standing next to in these, haha. On the playground.

I think this is in the cafeteria at a play practice. We did some musicals (including songs like “Lean On Me” and “Coming to America.)

Sweet style right? This was a cool activity we did to practice for Florida Writes. We carved a pumpkin together on the playground, and then wrote about the step-by-step process.

Arnold, Cellin, Justin in class.

A presentation we went to where we each gave informative speeches about future occupations.

Candid from the same event.

Yeah, like I said coolest teacher ever.

This was on a field trip, and we played on the playground in Crystal River at some point.

How adorable right?! When Tampa Bay were still the Devil Rays.

umm, yeah.

Ice cream party!

It was a very hands-on learning class. These are from an activity where we blew out eggs.

So yeah, basically one of the most fun years in school hands down. When I originally scanned and posted these photos to Facebook a few summers ago, many of the people in the pics commented on what great memories, the incredible amount we learned, and how awesome of a teacher Mr.Hebert was. If any of us end up as teachers, hopefully we’re half as cool as him.


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