Tuesday Running

Just a short story of my morning…

I use the “RunKeeper” app on my phone. If you’re looking for a good tracker, I highly recommend this one. I hate numbers, but I’m weird about logs and I like to see it all organized on display. This morning when I left my driveway it was pretty dark for 6:05 in the morning. Like extremely dark, and for some reason most of the street lights weren’t on. I could hear rustling in the shrubbery across the street, and a dog barking. Of course, my overactive imagination immediately jumped to the conclusion that I was about to be chased by an angry dog so I took off. This was great for improving my speed, probably awful for the slight risk of triggering a heart attack before the age of twenty-five, (which is one way to get your adrenaline going before the sun rises.) All this resulted in me running the longest distance I have in a month. (Since that weird leg injury, and that disgusting summer cold thing I contracted at work.) On a random Tuesday morning, mind you. But I think there’s probably more to it. I had the trusty Passion Pit Pandora station playing, which gives me some great tunes like throwbacks from The Strokes, or a quirky long track from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. I couldn’t stop. I kept thinking that just one more lap around the block would be enough to exhaust the memories that kept creeping up. It didn’t matter because every time I turned the corner they were still there. And eventually I ended up back where I started. I find it kind of funny that it was one of those simultaneous literal and metaphorical moments – running away from something either way but perhaps even weirder, that they’re both in my head?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Running

  1. I need to get back to a daily run. I had set a goal of 1500 km this year and well I stalled and continue to stall…. maybe your running rant will give me some inspiration to get out and get back on track…:)

    • Oh what a fun goal! I should set some more specific goals for myself, I would think that it’d be more motivating. Haha, I know what you mean though it can be hard to kick your butt back in gear after some down time! Happy running 🙂

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