Throwback Thursday #6 (Part One)

Good morning everyone, and happy Thursday! It’s that time again…for a trip down memory lane. I know my posts are a little bit (understatement much?) sporadic but I look forward to sharing some flashbacks with you all each week.

This weekend I’m going to visit one of my favorite people in the entire world in Orlando, JD! He and his boyfriend Tony are having a house-warming party, and I haven’t gotten to hang out with them since January at NYE, so I’m super excited! In honor of this event, I figured I would share some photos of us together throughout the years!

*Ok, accidentally this became one of the longest posts of my life, so I’m not offended if no one looks at it except for us and like my mom, haha. Also, I’ve broken it down into two parts to help the length.*

JD is basically my oldest dearest friend. We met in preschool (Eager Beaver!) and have been through everything in the years since. (How has it been twenty?! When did that happen?) He was like my rock in high school, and these photos only capture some of our millions of memories together. He’s my go anywhere do anything friend, ya know? Looking through all these photos made me think of the countless times we’ve spent together from our car rides and adventures to Ocala and movie nights when we had “hurricane days,” AIM club that we spent dozens of mornings before dawn at school planning things, our epic trip to Wisconsin the summer before senior year. The time we went kayaking and my arms got tired and he tied my boat to his and paddled us back. Sitting in the Jetta in the cemetery with our gas station coffee talking for hours. The birthdays he’d take me to Sonic and then see our hs basketball games. The weekends we spent with him trying to teach me how to drive sticks-shift. How many parties we went to where we convinced everyone we were twins. Um how about the time he saved my life when my car almost ran me over?! How I’d visit him in the summer so much when he moved to Orlando, it felt like I lived there too. The hundreds of bon fires over the years, camping in the back yard or out at Mutual Mines. John Mayer, lawn seats, in the rain. Dancing around while Ben Folds covered The Postal Service. Laying on the trampoline spotting “UFOs.” Late night walks and bike rides around our neighborhoods. Thrifting like it was our job. Exploring new building developments in the rain. Dozens of concerts. The time we saw Motion City Soundtrack at Hard Rock and drove to hotel after and he jumped a median. The next day we met up a field trip at Chuckee Cheese in Ocala with FBLA. (Best combination of days, really.) Dozens of playgrounds and parks, always the swings. Ice cream and cupcakes and coffee runs. Cooking dinners so much sushi and rice and broccoli. Halloween Horror Nights and my broken heart. Track meets and Taco Bell. Sitting in the high school parking lot with me because I was too scared to walk to my car after watching a horror movie. Heart to hearts in hallways where I cry like a baby. Happy hours and celebrations. Car washes. Tattoo parlors and roof top bars. Photo booths and airports. The thing is we’ve been tons of places together, all kinds of events, met cool people and done exciting stuff but the best kinds of friends are the ones you can share all the fun stuff with, but enjoy a time just spent laying on the floor staring at the ceiling chatting just the same. He’s been there through good stuff and rough stuff. When there aren’t words, he listens. We can yell at each other and say what we’re thinking and five minutes later be fine. Our relationship is one of the most special and valuable ones I have on this planet. He knows me – the deep down, your secrets, and your fears kind of knows me. He can make me laugh in .2 seconds, and he’s my favorite car ride karaoke partner. I have been so ultimately blessed in this life by our friendship, and I really believe that everyone should get to have a friendship like this in their life. He wrote in my yearbook in high school about us being friends when we’re old people, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Me, JD, Kip, Theresa – at Ashley’s party (maybe 9th grade?) I know JD and I are “throwing bows” but I can’t remember why.

McDonald’s pit stop, freshman year on the way to see our hs varsity basketball game in a finals game at Jones in Orlando. (Theresa, Beth, JD, me.)

The wall. You know, like the hang out spot in the morning before school started? JD and I tenth grade.

Can’t remember if this is ninth or tenth grade, but Theresa, JD, and I (the Taco Bell trio!) swinging on the boardwalk at Rainbow River.

Theresa, JD, and I hanging out in Downtown Disney in tenth grade before the BETTER THAN EZRA concert!

Prom 2005.

Meeting Stacey Farber and Lauren Collins from Degrassi in Altamonte Springs!

Hat swap at Rainbow Springs!

Sunset at Liberty Park ’05.

Visiting Jean in Wisconsin in summer ’05 (before senior year.) Best trip ever!

Just playing on the playground.

Halloween during spirit week. Yes we went Trick-or-Treating! 🙂

Hanging out in the ski lodge on a youth trip senior year in Boone, NC. (He convinced me to go down the giant hill on which I got stuck, and someone had to ski uphill to get me! hahaha.)

In the church van on the million hour trip home.

FBLA state – regionals. Yep, we’re matching. Best team ever!

One of our “I swear we’re twins” shots. As you can see, we went to a bunch of basketball games.

Taken right before our epic bike ride day.

City Walk Orlando on our FBLA State trip! Our identity theft PowerPoint with the “Cops” theme song was award winning 😉

Our Chiefland friend Aaron we made at the hotel.


Hanging out at Charlie’s house. I was with him when he got that tattoo…

Riding in his beloved Jetta, Winnie.

Park by his house again, just swinging. A good friend is one who never passes on the swings with you.

Coffee tongues, hanging out with Lauralyn right before I moved to Tallahassee.

Beth and I went on a mini-roadtrip to visit JD in his first apartment in Orlando!

Back when he worked at Bennigan’s and we got a discount 😉

stay tuned for part two…


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