Throwback Thursday #6 (Part Two)

As promised, here’s part two of my Throwback Thursday #6 post. These photos are from October of 2006 up to now!

At Erin’s wedding October of 2006 with Pat and Amber. She was our first friend to get married!

Hanging out with James the super cool security guard and another Orlando apartment. He gave us rides around the complex on his golf cart, and didn’t tattle on us sneaking into the hot tub!

Another epic weekend in Orlando. I had just gotten bangs.

On our way home from a park adventure by Turkey Lake. This is a good sum of our relationship, he puts up with my incessant photo taking.

Party at Drew and Kyle’s. So much fun.

Haha hanging out in Inverness. Random but typical.

Meagan’s birthday 2008!

My house – note the Christmas decorations in the background.

Such a good example of how we can have fun doing absolutely anything (or nothing at all.)

These are from a Tally trip junior year.

This is just so weird and random. It’s saved from Photobucket if that gives you a clue of how old it was. We were testing out different modes on my camera, obviously I didn’t understand since I’m making the same face the whole time.

iChat while he was at work, hahaha.

iChatting with Larry!

Love when my favorite people are together – Larry’s birthday weekend with Leah!

The weekend Tash and JD came to visit Tally again – with Larry and Tyler.

Tash’s 21st birthday in Orlando at the girl’s old house. This is the “fun” shot.

I just loved that the FB comment JD left on this one was “happy birthday twins!”

A random dive bar in Oviedo when Mandy and I went to Orlando for Carly’s wedding. Love this.

Christmas 2009, we always see each other at Christmas time.

iChatting senior year when I lived in the annex. We had a “Discovery Channel” social, so of course I had to use the opportunity to dress up as a dinosaur. I was the first one ready in my outfit, so we hung out video chatting. We even buzzed Tash in and I “rawred” at her and she screamed!

Master Chef making yummy eggplant.

Super fun night we went in search of a “secret room” downtown. Annnd we found a photo booth! And took a super long walk around Lake Eola! With Michael.

At JD’s house in Inverness visiting for the weekend – Erin’s son Liam had a birthday party!

My birthday this year, at Coach’s with both of our siblings (who also went to pre-school together, fun fact!)

Popbooth app on my phone in December!

NYE before we went out!

Cart ride to the party.

One more day and I’ll be visiting these two awesome people!


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