Throwback Thursday #7

Guess what time it is? Tool time! Haha, sorry sorry so ultimately cheesy but I could hear Tim Allen as Tim the Tool Man Taylor and I just had to say that. Really it’s the seventh edition of Throwback Thursday! (For a Throwback Thursday tune, go check out my other blog Meg Says!)

I’m starting with this lovely photo with my dad from my second birthday because it always puts a smile on my face!

And obviously before that could happen – these two cutie pies early on. Love old school pics of my parents (there’s a great photo booth one on my grandma’s refrigerator I should scan.)

My brother, the young shuffleboard prodigy 😉

My mom’s been going through stuff in the attic and found some great toys, which made me think of this baby doll. Notice the matching band aids. Also, I named all of my dolls Emily Elizabeth.

And this from a penny candy shop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Oh my gosh – it was magical!

And because I was having yearbook camp flashbacks when we passed Edgewater High School last weekend: yearbook girls from my freshman year, chilling out front of Golden Corral. So classy:

And this one from Kit Kat’s sixteenth birthday in Daytona. I was just thinking about this weekend the other day – so much fun! (And it just so happened her birthday just passed on the 28th.) How time flies…

Scotty at Battle of the Bands sophomore year, and now he’s touring on Warped Tour with his band Mighty Mongo! What?! Yeah, awesome to the max.


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