Weekend Recap

Lately, my days have been a mix of running, eating, sleeping, sitting bored at work, and watching lots of the Olympics. This weekend we helped my brother move into the house he’ll be sharing with two friends for the next school year. Tiring or not, I’d way rather be helping move furniture than sleeping in on a Saturday. Oh! Summer list check off, my family and I went to see Beasts of the Southern Wild on Sunday! I think the NYT had a pretty accurate description in saying “hauntingly beautiful.” It was heart-wrenching, and warming at the same time if you can envision that as possible. It was so intense, but oh so good! I am really happy that it actually played in Tallahassee. (Plus, the two movies I wanted to see this summer were that and Moonrise Kingdom, so mission accomplished!) My parents brought me a bag of stuff from my room at the house in Inverness this weekend. Oh the time capsule treasures in there – old movie stubs, photos from high school, hand written notes about holding hands, letters from friends away at boot camp – definitely nostalgia at its finest. A few weeks before that they brought me, probably my most favorite personal item in my possession. It’s an old orange suitcase, full of the journals I’ve kept in my life so far. The first one a little gray “My First Diary” with a kitten on the cover, and a million years ago there was a lock too. You can see what we were learning in school from my handwriting, to my sign offs of the entries. (Large print, tiny print, loopy cursive, “yours truly,” “sincerely” etc.) Oh, what a riot! I wrote as if I expected the paper to respond to me. Maybe I’ll give you a sneak peek of those later?

Oh and another fun highlight! On Saturday night I went over to my cousins house, and they have two new little kittens, Melody and Cecilia. What’s better than watching kittens play?! Eeek! Here’s a shot of me and Mel:


Sleepy kitty.


Cecilia, with her wild eyes.


If you’ve never gone to Coosh’s for breakfast, you should plan that into one of your weekends soon! Their beignets are fabulous, and the egg sandwich on french bread? Delicious! And Cabo’s is another family favorite, Sunday brunch is kind of our tradition (and possibly our only one, haha.) This weekend they had monkey pancakes! (Chocolate chips, peanut butter, walnuts, banana, mmm!)




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