Treats and Treehouses

Remember how I was so excited to visit Orlando a few weekends ago, and hang out with some of my favorite people? Well, the trip did not disappoint! I couldn’t have asked for a better time full of fun friends, laughter, treats and tree houses.

I got there in record time on Friday evening (no speeding!) and JD gave me the grand tour. Their home is so lovely and cozy, and they’re like real grown ups ya know? So proud! We ate pizza and watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and Tony and JD offered a lot of entertaining commentary. Saturday morning we were all up early, finishing touches on snacks for the housewarming, last-minute errands (Total Wine before 10am? sure! ha) and I even had time to squeeze in a run in their adorable neighborhood of Winter Park. We played all day long, so many great conversations, time with some old friends I haven’t gotten to see in a while, and I made some new friends too! I mean what’s better than falling asleep tired and happy after a fabulous day? Sunday (after another morning run – I couldn’t get enough of those endless flat sidewalks, cute dogs, and pretty houses. Plus, a quick little stop by Einstein’s and they had my favorite – blueberry bagel with strawberry smear!) went on a little riding tour of the nearby neighborhoods (English Gardens Wedding Venue?! eek!,) wandered around over by Rollins browsing all the fun home decor stores, and brunched at Dexter’s (which has been on my to-do list forever!) Afterward we lazed around the house a bit, chatting life stuff and savoring our last bit of time together. Hopefully it’s not too long before another visit! It was just the rejuvenating weekend I was in desperate need of.

Since they were such a hit last time I made the chocolate covered coconut macaroons again. (Recipe post here.)

Mmm, Welch’s Guava Pineapple Juice + Champagne = delicious!


Funfetti fudge! (Recipe here.)

And I tried out this new creation I found in a sweet recipe book from my mom. French toast cupcakes, maple frosting, topped with bacon bits!

While JD helped me frost the cupcakes, and taught me how to make cornbread pudding. Too bad we can’t cook together all the time!

Excited to go greet Ash!

So excited to spend some quality time with Ash!

The awesome hosts!

Jodie Q! (And I love the sunflower in the Cheer Wine bottle – I did the same thing in my bathroom at home. BFFLs think a-like!)

By the pool they were so proud of assembling!

Group shot at the table.

It had been wayyy too long. Love these girls!

And now to one of my favorite parts: the tree house! You could see from the kitchen that the next door neighbors had an awesome tree house in their backyard, with a rock climbing wall, slide, balcony and Alice in Wonderland door. It was kind of a secret mission in my head to check out before the weekend was over, so I was basically ELATED when the neighbor invited us over to play on it! Literally squeals of excitement, and a race to the backyard ensued.

With David, climbing up the sweet rope ladder.

The cool door!

Can you tell how happy we were to be up there?!

With Meg on the balcony!

Someone took this next door, Rochelle and I playing on the balcony.

Tree house love with Rochelle and Drew.

My new favorite British friend, Alex.

Now that Brum gets to explore outside all the time, he’s like a new sweet kitty! (I don’t have to be in fear of his sneak attacks anymore!)

Plaid twins! ❤

Sweet giant suitcase desk.

Making himself at home!



Blueberry mimosa!

real laughing.


wall art I liked.


Eggs Benedict. Delicious!



Group Love!

Trio! 🙂


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