Throwback Thursday: Week Nine

Like I said over on MegSays I think I’m suffering a little from Olympic withdrawals, so I apologize for my lack of posts. There’s not much too interesting for me to report on lately, but it is Thursday so in that case I’ll share with you guys some more throwback photos!

Okay, so I was browsing my Facebook albums and it seems that for whatever reason people picking me up in photos seemed to be a trend over the years. (This shouldn’t be a surprise, since piggy back rides are in my top ten favorite things in the world!)

This is my friend Kaela and I at my 13th birthday party. I was about to say if only you could see the whole outfit, but just you wait…

Those were my affectionately labeled at school, “space pants.” And that shirt was one of those ridiculous ones with “angel” written in silver glitter cursive across the front. Seems crazy now, but I was SO excited about that outfit at the time. (*Note the crimped hair, as well.*)

This is from Sarah and Ashley’s joint birthday party our freshman year.

I had this one hanging in my room forever, from the same night.

This is from one of Beth and I’s many walks around Seven Lakes. I think 10th grade maybe? Oh, the days…

I can’t rotate this right now, but this is Grayson and I (best name ever right?! fall semester of freshman year at FSU. A stop in our Phi Retreat road trip to the middle of nowhere.

Oh man, one of the best piggy back rides of my life – with Lizzi bug sophomore year at Dance Marathon.

Little and I at the holiday party junior year.

This is from Leah’s 21st Birthday waltz, February of junior year.

The Fab Four. Travis, Leah, Larry and I at Westcott Fountain Senior Year.

There’s one other photo that comes clearly to mind when I see this, and if I find it later I’ll be sure to include it here. Ohh man, Throwback Thursdays make me a little nostalgic – crazy days!


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