Throwback Thursday Week TEN! Recruitment Week Memories

I promise this blog isn’t going to become solely dedicated to Throwback Thursday posts. I actually have another draft typed up, but didn’t get to attach photos from my phone yet, so expect that one soon!

As for now, at least I’ve got something to be consistent about.

In Tallahassee, it’s the 2012 Panhellenic Recruitment Week her at FSU. With that being said, I figured we could take a little walk down memory lane of this week during my collegiate years.

The theme for the week was “discover your goddess.”

I don’t think I knew quite what I was getting myself into. My dad joined a fraternity while he was at Auburn, and my grandma was a housemother (actually for the same chapter I pledged!) so I figured, why not give it a try? (Who knows what I blathered about? Actually, I remember because my brain is crazy like that and I talked about everything from Grey’s Anatomy, to photography, to camping…they probably thought I was crazy. Especially as I rambled on about College Democrats.) Thankfully these girls could look beyond my awkwardness and clueless-ness, and overall freshman newness to everything and I found a home at Phi Mu.

Oh, man…I cringe just thinking about this week. I had no clue what was going on, at all. My roommate hadn’t moved in yet. I ripped a button off a pair of shorts when I was getting ready one morning. I threw up the morning of our pref. ceremony. I was trying to balance recruitment, going to BCM events between rush parties, and hanging out with friends, and I was terrified I was going to “get in trouble” if someone found out I visited my HS friends because one of their roommates was in a sorority but I wasn’t going to stay in my room all week and be alone and make myself crazy!

(Ha, with that thought process are you surprised I threw up?)

Rho Gam group 17 after we all got our bids!

My door decorated with a little Sir Fidel the night of Bid Day, freshman year.

Meg Woo and I on the way to bid day dinner. We’re both Megs and both of our bid day buddies were Jessicas! Crazzzy, right?

Our group from dinner after Bid Day.

It’s funny how, you go from having no clue what you’ve gotten into, to jumping head first into this amazing group of women forming friendships and bonds immediately. Then summer goes by and you wonder how you got on without these sisters in your life before?

Pre-recruitment 2007 so happy to be reunited with my Leah! (We actually met at our very first Phi meeting.

Mandy and I in our FIRST ROOM IN THE HOUSE!

Then you know of course the next year is a new experience all over again with it being the first time, on the other side of things. Granted we have all these pretty photos after we were all prepped,but before we got there nonsense like this happens:

Post-spray tans in a typical torrential downpour in Tally. We were freezing and orange and it kind of made us laugh until we couldn’t breathe.

Every year, the sidewalk in front of each house is painted with a different quote or design representative of each house. This has always seemed really fitting.

Getting ready for our first Ice Waters day 2007!

Ice Waters Day 2007.

Philanthropy Day 2007.

The whole chapter in the foyer on Philanthropy Day 2007. Amanda and I quatting it up! (And you can see our old checkered tile that was gone before graduation.)

With my beautiful big sister Hailey on Philanthropy Day!

This was in a frame in my room for years. Skit Day 2007!

Skit Day 2007.

Waiting on our bid day buddies, bid day 2007!

Woohoo! 🙂

With my big and my wonderful bid day buddy Leanne!

PC ’06 bid day 2007!

And the normal pose.

The car ride to dinner. (Looks familiar right? haha.)

Bid Day Dinner 2007. (Yeah I notice the trend, haha.)

Ice Waters 2008, PC ’06 silly pic.

Lizzi and I Ice Waters ’08!

The end of these days we’re basically just delirious.

Last year’s Bid Day Buddies in 2008! 🙂

Yeah, it’s Bid “Night” (there was like a hurricane or tropical storm so everything was delayed for hours.)


PC ’06 Senior Year (2009!)

PC ’06 Senior Year the silly pic!

Bid day senior year. Our last one at the letters, wow.

Ohh man, going through all these photos gives me flash backs to these crazy weeks. Busy and chaotic? Yes! But definitely times where sooo many memories of quality bonding were made.


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