Quesadillas from Pinterest

Photo from Maggie’s blog.

Last night I finally tried this recipe from “The Other Side of 50″‘s blog that I’ve had pinned on Pinterest for a while. Quesadillas aren’t anything new in my kitchen, but normally I just do a quick – throw some cheese on the tortilla in a skillet and brown – viola! This recipe though, my oh my! Ok, I tweeked it a little, using black beans because I had some in the pantry and I love them. My mom had left some rotisserie chicken in the fridge from when her and my dad stayed with me this weekend, so I just shredded a little of that. I didn’t use banana pepper or crushed red pepper (I threw in some red bell pepper when I was sauteeing) either, and I threw in some garlic powder since I didn’t have any cloves of garlic on hand. I used wheat flour since I had some in the cabinet. Also, I didn’t measure out all the ingredients. I was just making it for myself, so I knew I needed less than what was called for. Plus, I’ve never used chicken broth for quesadillas so I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I hadn’t ever really cooked the quesadilla in the pan, open while it was heating and I liked it that way. It kept both halves equally melty and warm. OH MY GOSH! So delicious. Anyway, I will definitely be keeping this recipe on hand because it gave the quesadillas an extra kick! Looking for some variation, and have a good mix of some veggies and a meat you wanna throw in? Try this!


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