Throwback Thursday: #11 Memory Lane, the Beginning of FSU!

Happy Thursday everyone! This week feels like quite the whirlwind. As I was running this morning, (and the rain that’s been hanging around for days was pelting down on me,) I realized that Thursday had just kind of crept up on me. The weekend is almost here, and thankfully this one is a little extra long with Monday being a holiday! Saturday will be the first home college football game of the season, (with a 6PM kick off – those are faaaar better than noon games, hands down in my book!) This was the first week of school for the university and since last week I gave you all a peek of some old recruitment week photos I’d have saved from the years, I figured this week I could provide a little trip down memory lane of the beginning of my times at Florida State!

I couldn’t find these the other day, but ta-da my pledge class on Bid Day!

Move-In Day at Jennie Murphree Hall!

Inverness friends hanging out at Osceola Village.

Hanging out in the laundry room of our dorm. Ohh the things that were entertaining in the beginning.

Right before the start of school each year, FSU has a kick off event called “Last Call Before Fall” (which closes out Seminole Sensation Week.) Freshman year, my friend Janea and I went with her roommate Shannon and watched a Chris Cagle concert!

Our first game was away that year against Miami. Hanging out at the CSU with new friends!

PC ’06 Before the Retreat!

With Elan and Lindsay at the Phi Retreat!

With Lenni at the Phi Retreat!

Pit stop on the Phi Retreat road trip.

Leah and I’s first game together!

With some of my sisters at our first tailgate (at the Chi Phi house) before our first football game!

One of our first parties, together.

My fish school family from the BCM.

Post game tailgate with my cousins 🙂

IFC Rush Week with Leah.

Things you’re allowed to do in college since no one tells you what to do…jump on the bed!

I vividly remember getting ready together to go out that night. Janea did my hair (probably how we look like hair twins.)

Look who came to visit! With Nate & my bro. (Who now both live here, too!)

With Nate & E at Westcott Fountain!

The B&B Family at Big Sis Reveal!

I remember getting ready for our first crush together, too. We were at Marisa’s dorm across from the house and she straightened my hair and I remember thinking, this is just what I imagined college would be like!

Girls before our first Crush!

First crush with Linds!

One of the few documented dancing photos of my life.

Canning for Dance Marathon before another game!

More visitors 🙂

Caryn’s room was a few doors down from Shannon and Janea (which was three floors down from mine.) Perfection!

Our first philanthropy event at Cheers 4 Charity!

With Caryn before initation!

Boston College Black Out game with Hailey!

Women in Lit. class my friend Crystal brought me Starbucks!

Ok, ok the pic spam is over for the day! If it’s your first week of school (at any level, students or teachers) I hope it’s going well so far. If you’re done with school I hope this gave you a chance to reflect on your own years, and that the memories brought a smile to your face!


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