Fill in the Blank Friday: School Themed

Hi friends, and happy Friday to everyone! Is it just me, or are “short weeks” (the work days following a holiday,) simultaneously long and short? I mean, Tuesday I felt like it was a trick to be “skipping” Monday, and then all the days just seemed to have their own sense of chaos. (This could be because part of the ceiling fell down at work, and the AC leaked all over the fax machine, credit card machine, filing boxes, envelopes, paper, etc. and so lines were down and it was kind of chaotic kicking off the week!) But somehow it is here once again, and since it’s been a while I thought I’d take a page from The Little Things We Do and participate in Fill in the Blank Friday again! This one is a little school themed. I don’t have kids in school, (or at all for that matter,) and I’m not in school myself, but I have been a little nostalgic for school lately seeing my younger friends getting back into the mode of fall semester, and the kids in the neighborhood hanging out at bus stops before the crack of dawn on my morning runs.

(Borrowed this adorable image from More Design Please. *NOT MY PHOTO*)

1.  My favorite grade in school was oh jeez, if they’re all going to be like this this entry will be impossible! I was (am) a nerd, and LOVED school so several of my years were favorites. One answer you don’t find very often was how much I adored 8th grade (despite drama, hurt feelings, those first pains of “growing up” etc.) I’ve already mentioned how much I loved 4th grade. You’ve seen how cool my first and third grade classes were! 7th grade, 2nd grade, and 5th grade were particularly rough years. Junior year of high school, though it was Lauren’s answer who I’m filling this out from was not one of my favorite years. (Sophomore year before it was way more awesome – so was sophomore of college!)

2.  My favorite teacher was  ok this is awful too! I LOVED so many of my teachers. I was just reading my high school yearbook from 10th grade, and my english teacher Ms.Able had written the sweetest note, and there were jokes between her and my amazing chemistry teacher Mr.Bingham. My first grade teacher, Mrs.Jaworski taught me how to read, for real (I was faking it in kindergarten) and she is one of my favorite people in the world, still. Mrs.Alegretta and Mr.Hebert were amazing. Two of my teachers in sixth grade who were best friends were incredible. I had really cool teachers in english, history, and science in eighth grade. Mr.Delucia always felt like my grandpa, he had so much knowledge to share PLUS he was sweet and cool, and gave you a hard time even when he really liked you. Coach in 11th was so great because he really cared, he noticed if you were upset and made sure to check on you and that has always stuck with me. In college Mark Zeigler was my hands down most favorite professor in all of the universe. I took every single one of his classes I could. He’s like my favorite human. And Pamela Robinson is just AMAZING too. I don’t think I’ve ever loved another history class as much as I loved taking Race & Ethnicity from her. I’ve just been blessed to have several incredible educators in my life over the years.

3.  The highest level of education I have completed is    a BA in Communication (Media Studies.)
4. School lunches for me were usually homemade. I almost always took a lunch box, (or later on a paper bag so I wouldn’t have to carry it around the rest of the day.) In kindergarten I would get school lunch on pizza day just so I could hopefully get in line next to my crush.
5. The amount of money you’d have to pay me to go back to high school would be  oh my gosh, I don’t know if enough money exists. Sure there were good moments, and I loved yearbook, and friends that I made but oh my gosh high school was a time of incredibly grueling years for me emotionally and I don’t think I’d want to subject myself to any of that again. (Sure there are things I wonder, like what if I’d been running back then and joined the XC team? Or actually participated in a drama production instead of just hanging out with the club all the time. BUT who knows where I’d be now. And I can’t really take present day knowledge back with me right?)
6. A few things that will always remind me of going back to school are:  when the SCHOOL SUPPLY AISLES APPEAR! People rushing to get the last copies of required reading texts at the end of summer in bookstores. Lunchboxes. “Tax-free weekend” in Florida.

7.  The first day of school was always exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I’d always get butterflies the night before. I’d be so excited with that beginning of the year magic, the possibility that lingers in the air that makes it seem like anything could happen. I was always convinced I’d get lost. I always worried on the inside about who I’d sit with at lunch. Were people going to make fun of me? Was my assigned seating going to be as awful as 8th grade algebra? So many things to wonder and worry about, but also SO much to look forward to. Seeing friends you hadn’t gotten to hang out with over the summer! New books at the library! (UGH I hated summer required reading, so that was one thing that always had me in a bind – those first week of school tests!) Fresh pencils. Fresh notebooks. Exciting journal topics. I almost always developed crushes on guys in my classes I sat near. Seeing your crush from the year before, and anticipating if you’d still get a rush of butterflies. Yeah, I was definitely a fan of the first day of school! Such a whirlwind!

Boy did I ramble about school! There are huge parts of me that miss it, still. This is the third fall semester since I graduated from college, and it still feels weird not returning. Though sometimes when I’m hanging out, (say at my brother’s house, or talking on the phone with my little sister who’s getting her PhD, or my big sister who’s in law school) the stress of school is not appealing. I miss the social aspects (note how many times I mentioned crushes,) and NOT the math classes. I miss the routine, and stability, and the small goals from week to week. I miss going to a classroom and being excited about the lessons, talking about social media, and television and society. I miss extra curriculars, and staying late for sporting events. Passing notes and bus ride partners. Walks to lunch and dark room conversations. TAing and clubs and early morning meetings. It’s so weird to me that for the majority of the beginning of our lives we’re in school and then bam! one day you’re not. I still don’t feel like I really understand how we’re supposed to function and go about regular life in the “real world.” Like I’m waiting for someone to put me on the bus back to class again?
Anyway, enough’s enough – have a FABULOUS weekend everyone! Stay safe and enjoy!

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