Seminole Saturdays

Football season is in full swing again. Living in a college town, the sport kind of takes over. Though there are times I wish I could escape it, and I was in another city with different events for the weekends to revolve around (I’m not going to lie, it’s mostly that I always want to be some where with public transportation, museums, consistently awesome concert schedules, and access to theater) there’s still a certain charm to Seminole Saturdays. For example, last weekend in one morning (we played Wake Forrest at noon, so it was an early day) I was able to see one of my close sorority sisters, my cousins, my brother, some of his friends, a family friend we hadn’t seen in literally YEARS, several friends from City Church, etc. That’s in one morning. Now really how can I complain about mingling with happy shiny faces? Plus, tailgating usually involves great snacks and yummy drinks. Win-win. And that’s just the pre-game activity. The games themselves are fun. Doak Campbell Stadium has a wonderful atmosphere, and we’re in the end zone where we can see things like Osceola and Renegade and all the random people (sometimes celebs) that are in town wandering on and off the field.

Here are a few photos from so far this season *note- my camera is still chilling in Orlando, so these are courtesy of my iPhone and instagram*:

20120921-113615.jpgShelbs stopped by to visit for a bit – we hadn’t seen each other in forever! (Also, this Columbia dress is SO convenient (it’s that fly fishing one, which I obviously don’t do) and the millions of pockets mean I don’t need a purse, WIN!)

20120921-113559.jpgSomeone parked next to us at the tailgate had a stash of these in their trunk. He was like you HAVE to try it, it’s delicious. (It is pretty good.) And that’s my go-to Lilly koozie.

20120921-113433.jpgChief Osceola and his family! (They were sitting in front us, that’s how I knew that – haha.)

20120921-113454.jpgBeautiful blue skies and our band on the field!

20120921-113516.jpgSelfie in the stands.


Percussion. They are suh-weet.

20120921-113703.jpgShelbs came and found us last weekend after her eventful bus ride from Tampa!

20120921-113726.jpgMy bro and I, yay yay. (And yes he’s sporting Chubbies – he was psyched.)


E and I coaxing Randy over to join us for photo time!

20120921-113742.jpgMe, E, and Randy! (The construction of College Town behind us makes Tally look real city like.)


20120921-113753.jpgMe and my sweet cousin, Sara!





Some of the men from the Air Force they recognized on the field.

20120921-114351.jpgI attempted to take capture the full moon shining over the Unconquered statue. (Didn’t translate well on my phone, but my oh my what a sight!)

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have some more for y’all soon. Happy gameday! We play Clemson tonight, should be quite a game (and a pretty long day.) What team do you root for?


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