Autumn Anticipation

Good morning everyone, it’s Wednesday but it feels like the end of the weekend is already here. I’m just buzzing with anticipation lately but I can’t quite put my finger on why. Zzz, zzz October is coming, October is coming zzz, zzz. Buzz goes my brain. Though all the things I think of: crunchy orange and red leaves; breezy chilly afternoons with collars flipped up and hands in deep pockets trying to keep fingers warm; thick socks bundling toes deep in boots; the faint smell of cinnamon and pumpkin lingering in the air; bonfires; coffee after evening walks with friends at dusk when the sun starts going back to sleep early. I want to pile in the car and go to sports games and concerts, where the journey there is almost as fun as the event. I want to be huddled close surrounded by my favorite people, speaking in hushed tones when words can’t come out fast enough to tell all the things we have to share.

Some days, when I open the front door in the morning to leave for my run, cool air whips at my face and even though it makes me shiver, I’m excited. These days it’s still dark when I return home, but I can’t complain because the moonlight illuminates the empty streets and I feel like the only one awake in the neighborhood. It’s like the sky has presented me this beautiful show of sparkling stars and all I can do is breathe deep and absorb, while the soft beat of my feet on the street gives a soundtrack to the scene.

I stopped by Tomato Land on the way home from work yesterday, (I only needed a tomato but of course the allure of pretty fruits and veggies made me pick out a few other things.) Already, there are beautiful pumpkins lined up out front! Big ones perfect for carving, and baking lots of pumpkin seeds. Little baby ones I just want to scoop up and have decorating the house until I use them to bake something. Ah! But I decided then and there I’d make a personal rule to not buy any pumpkins until October is officially here. (It’s only five days away. It’s not like I’m practicing that much self control.)

So, now I’m day dreaming of road-tripping and mountains, and chilly air.

At the pumpkin patch in Tallahassee when we were little.

North Carolina trip with my little sophomore year. That leaf was as big as my head!



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