Throwback Thursday

Happppy Throwback Thursday everyone! Sorry for my failure to post last week. Work was a little busy, but alas here I am again (slow morning, with plenty of time haha.) Today’s a little combo post of what’s primarily been on my mind lately – fall and football. Fall = pumpkin and Halloween related things, and of course football = FSU! So, here you go with a few randoms thrown in!

Flipping through my old albums on Facebook, I stumbled across this photo from the FSU vs. UF game in highschool. Katie, Kaela, and I in front of the Unconquered statue.

And because it seems to be a trend of throwbacks at the Unconquered statue, here’s me on my “College Day” tour of FSU senior year of high school.

And Beth, E and I the following weekend.

And Beth and I tailgating together. (Spot look familiar? Yeah, it’s the same one seven years later, haha.)

And it makes me smile because then there’s this one too with Katie and Kaela, from an AIM Day celebration party.

I was thinking about this pic of my dad and I when we were at the Clemson/FSU game last weekend so I thought I’d throw it in. It’s in one of my high school yearbooks on the “weekend activities” pages, haha.

And here’s another pumpkin patch photo because I just love these.

My mom is obviously the best costume maker ever. I’m Jasmine, can’t you tell?

A few years later…a pirate and a kiss.

I have to throw this one in because who goes trick or treating in high school? Oh yeah, us. And we wore these outfits to school that day…(granted it was homecoming week.)

Since you’re never too old for pumpkin patches this is Shelby and I (at the same one) my senior year in college.

With our pumpkins post decorating – Mandy, me, Shelbs.


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