First Lady Friday!

Last Monday evening, thanks to my sweet friend Jamie I had the opportunity to see our awesome First Lady, Michelle Obama speak at the Civic Center. Jamie and my brother Ethan came and picked me up from work around 4PM Monday, and after parking in a lot a few blocks away – we headed straight over to the Civic Center. The line was already sprawling across so many blocks and stretches of sidewalk. (She wasn’t scheduled to speak until 6:55PM!)



Of course, it’s September in Tallahassee so after about a half hour of waiting in line – the downpour came. We got soaked! And it didn’t let up. Luckily, this is the fastest way to make friends with your line mates. Someone made an awning over their head out of the windbreaker they’d brought, and a few of us crowded underneath it. We chatted about food trucks, and all sorts of things. We ran from tree to tree to seek a little shelter from the pelting cold rain. Eventually we finally made it up top to the concrete slab where the line started snaking airport style. (And people were getting a little sad they really would have to lose their umbrellas.) Airport style security checks and BAM! we were in. There were a few other speakers before it was her turn, and the Tallahassee Boys Choir opened up, but when she took the stage she spoke for about 40 minutes! We were on the floor and very close. (It was crazy to think, there we were seeing her speak with the naked eye. Wow.) If you’d like to read any news related article about the event, here’s one from WCTV. It really was a fabulous event. It reignited the spark I remember being alive when I was helping pre-election in 2008. All the voter registration days, marching to early voting, debate watch parties, the Joe Biden rally, etc.

Here are a few photos from Monday:


The ticket for the event.



Some of the signs inside the Civic Center. (Taken with my iPhone, trying to conserve battery for the speech.)

florida background

mo wave

michelle smile

mo look

mo speak

mo speak2speak3


crowd wide

forward sign

trio michelle

Jamie, me, and Ethan after hearing her speak.

And since I promised a little make-up of my lack of Throwback Thursday last week, I’ll tell you about an experience from the spring semester of my college freshman year in 2007! I had just made a new friend, Kylan at a College Dems meeting on campus. One day he told me he was going to be attending a fundraiser event in Jacksonville, to support who would be the next President of the United States. (He was right!) Did I want to join him? Ummm, yes! It was a really awesome experience – a somewhat intimate gathering in someone’s backyard of this beautiful Jacksonville neighborhood. We got to meet President Obama (before he was President, obviously) and listen to him speak.

Signing copies of his book.

I didn’t take a bunch of photos, (and this was pre-iPhone or I’d have been instagraming it up! Discreetly of course.) But oh I remember all of the details quite vividly. I was kind of nervous about the whole thing, so I probably ate very little of the appetizers, and I was so intrigued by the journalists mingling and this person who I was sure was a musician (and upon remembering his nametag and doing a google search later, alas he was!)

A few photos from the Joe Biden rally at FSU’s Langford Green, fall 2008 with my friend Beth (Jamie’s big sister!):

Election night, 2008:

With Lizzi at the watch party in the stadium!

(Borrowed these from Alex of the jumbotron and the stadium.)

With Max and Alex at the watch party in Club Downunder!

This is a picture of Kylan and I, a few years later outside of Georgia Browns in DC where we ate dinner with my family while my dad was in town for a work trip, and he was interning for former US Representative Allen Boyd. We’re still friends today! He just finished law school in Connecticut and moved to Brooklyn! I know, a visit is in order soon!

Alright, alright – if you’ve made it this far in the entry let me take up one more second of your time to remind you if you’re eligible to vote, don’t forget to register! You can start the process online here.


One thought on “First Lady Friday!

  1. I hope you’re out there working for him now… The President needs Florida…. This will be an election of clear choice…. lets hope Obama does for the sake of the world and the middle class!

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