Throwback Thursday: A Few Sibling Shots

Today doesn’t really have a theme, but I was looking over some old photos and found a few cute ones of mini-me and my little brother.

Like this:

They kind of mirror each other a little.

I just noticed the little wooden rocking horses in both of these photos.

This is before my first day of preschool at East Hill Baptist in Tallahassee. When my parents were packing up to move my mom found that lunchbox in the garage, and I have it right now!

Look how adorable E was!

My dad and brother in our cousin’s yard at their old house in Tallahassee.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Bobby Bowden (really it’s an old fan day.)

Feathered bangs and matching outfits. (Old Christmas photo) This one makes me laugh because it reminds me of the expression he was making in that photo last week:

Probably a long-term trend.

Another old FSU game shot.

Same fence, same face. (2005 maybe?)

Meteor shower watch party with Nitro.

Candid Thanksgiving shot with Duke a few years ago.

Yeah, I’ve got a pretty awesome brother – always coming to my rescue! (Like just yesterday dropping by work and bringing me emergency deodorant!)


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