“They are half of my heart, they are worth far more than gold…”

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – a definite perk to still being in Tallahassee is that I get to know the girls in my Phi Mu family line. During your first semester as a Phi, you get a big sister. My big is Hailey, who’s my fellow Brit-pop loving, perfect movie date going, quirky lovable sister. She’s a smarty pants in law school, and getting married next year (eek!) Hailey was a junior the year she took me as her little, so we only had two years together but those two years were pretty fabulous. Plus, at the time her parents were living in Tampa so we got to visit on breaks too! A year later, you get your own little sister. My little is Kaylynn. We were basically destined from the start. She rushed as a sophomore so I’m only a few months older than her, but she’s about five feet taller than me, so it all evens out you know. (After going to grad school in NC, she’s now at UGA in Athens getting her PHD because she’s a smarty pants too.) The next year she got her little Eryn. My darling grand little from our founding hometown of Macon, Georgia. We bonded so quickly and really made the most of our college time together from tailgates, socials, weddings, spring break, just really fitting a lot into that window of time. I know it was hard because Kaylynn and I graduated the same year. (Now Eryn’s back in Macon but will be starting PA school in January in Atlanta! Roadtrip anyone? But I mean, really…I’m the only one missing this post-undergrad train, what am I doing?) Eryn’s little is Laura, a spitfire fiesty one from Melbourne. (Did I mention that she sails?! Yeah, I gotta little obsessed when I found out that fact.)  Last year Laura got her little Kelly, who is a sweetheart, and hilarious and so sweet and easy-going. Her laid back personality is so refreshing! It has been so fun to get to spend time with all of them in this window of post-grad time I’ve spent in my college town. Now, this year Phi Mu had a really large pledge class and for the first time I remember happening in our family line in a looong time, there are “twins.” Laura took ANOTHER little! A sweet girl from Winter Park (woohoo! she was really convincing me to move to Orlando last night at dinner, haha)named Molly, and Kelly got her little this year, another sweetheart from Tampa named Sarah.

(Can I just share with you an entertaining comment I came across in my Facebook timeline while looking for a family photo. In 2006 the week I got initated I had posted a status that said “ecstatic to be a sister!!” a friend from my hometown, Cameron posted on my wall soon after “whoa Meg!! Is your mom pregnant?!” I just started LOL-ing. Oh, life.)

You know, these photos are from a lot of social events but it’s so much more than just hanging out at parties and getting ready together for themed stuff. It’s all the little things in between. When you’re having a bad day and you burst into tears and they don’t even have to say anything, just give you a hug and listen. It’s the exciting stuff, from lavaliers, and engagements. Acceptances into grad school, law school, big events. It’s wonderful to have support groups for the triumphs but the pitfalls too. To share in celebration of big life events with each other, but the minor day to day things too. Staying up late baking cookies, having trashy tv marathons. The lunch dates, hours of sitting at coffee tables, dinner dates, movie dates. Road trips where the getting there is just as fun as the being there, the epically long conversations about life and love and wishes and aspirations. As we get older, we may not get to see one another as often as we’d like, but I wouldn’t trade my time with these girls for anything.

Though miles may come between us,
Though our paths may drift apart,
We’ve got our bond between us
that keeps us Sisters at heart

Our big/little reveal the Bold and the Beautiful family (cheesy but whatever) theme was Pilots. That’s my grand-big Amanda on the left, and my big Hailey on the right. I still have those aviators, and wore them last weekend actually.

Winter Formal my freshman year (when Amanda paired us up with some of her military boyfriends friends…)

The night of big/little reveal we met up with Amanda for icecream. (A lot more tame, than my reveal night at Chubbies haha. Chubbies isn’t even open anymore, and I was kind of freaked out because I was definitely a freshman baby and not adjusted to Tallahassee night life yet haha.)

Fall of 2010, Christmas break Kay and I went on an epic big/little road trip to North Carolina and visited her grandparents, who are so awesome – Ida Rose and Harold. This is hanging out on some hay bales.

And riding the four-wheeler. (I’m a baby and screamed the whole time of course!)

Super fun night at the Pikes of the Caribbean party:

This was from one of our last social events, Hailey’s senior year – she was so excited because she’d wanted us to do something toga themed her whole time in college.

Fall 2008 when I became the top of the family tree:

Homecoming weekend of 2008 the most exciting thing happened! My grand-big’s BIG came to town, and we got to take the longest complete family line photo. Isis is at the top (Amanda’s big,) then Amanda, Hailey, me, Kaylynn, and Eryn. We were pretty psyched about this. Plus, I’d never gotten to meet Isis before. Such a fun weekend!

Holiday Party 2008

Spring Semi Formal 2010

One good thing about being the same year as my little is graduation pics together!

Football fall 2010:

At Eryn’s Deb Ball two years back

Erin and I got to hang out at some tail gates last year, a few times!

Then last year, lucky me still being in Tallahassee I got to hang out with my wonderful great-great-grandlittle Kelly:

Ignore that kid jumping in our pic at Ken’s.

Then Eryn graduated and left us:

But then super fun things happen like Eryn coming into town for the weekend, like last night and we get to have a BIG family dinner at our family tradition spot – El Tap. (Mexican restaurants have always been our thing. Hailey and I used to go to San Miguel’s all the time.)

Just missing a few 😦


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