Throwback Thursday: Just a few randoms today!

Good morning everyone, I hope this Thursday is treating you all well! This week seems to have flown by already. I love after-work activities that help to move it a long (community group on Monday night, the debate on Tuesday,) but the work week has been interesting too. They’re doing construction on the road in front of our building to bury the power lines, and it’s pretty much a disaster. There’s a huge ditch and all the roads are re-routed and partially shut down so it just makes for a lot of chaos but also something for me to watch out the window. Like yesterday they broke a water pipe, so the fire hydrant was spewing a huge moat, and they were simultaneously pumping out water but spraying it like a high power waterfall onto the roof of the development next door. Seriously it’s always something around here…(like getting trapped in the supply closet yesterday, the door slamming on my arm, and the air filter falling out and crashing into me. I tell you…something else!) I’ve had some extremely photo heavy posts lately (Happy Birthday Mandy, Camille’s Birthday Reflection, and a Phi Mu sister love post to name a few,) so I figured I’d keep it a little lighter today.

I really dislike baby photos of myself, but my mom is awesome and my blog needs some mom love!

This one’s not so bad, plus this was my favorite toy.

Not even kidding, this was probably the last successful time I had bangs.

This was taken in elementary school after Pat had moved back to New York, but came to Florida for a visit. We were super pumped for a reunion.

A good high school throwback from homecoming week. Rich and Phil in their 80s get-ups.

My awesome photo group senior year.

So there ya go! Enjoy the awkwardness haha. I’ll share some more next week! And make today great everyone 🙂


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