Race Weekend Recap

So, this weekend was a really great blend of some of my favorite things. Running, shopping, good food, the beach, family time. Just all around great!


Saturday morning I got up bright and early to head over to Maclay Gardens for the Alan C Sundberg Jr Memorial Run. A 5K through the trials. It was a chilly morning, and the front parking lot is pretty small so it filled up quickly. The additional parking was about a half mile from the race site. Luckily there was a little shuttle going back and forth, so you didn’t have to cross your fingers and hope to not miss the start. Teeth were chattering and strangers scooted close together, not just in hopes of avoiding falling off the cold metal bleachers, but to accumulate some body warmth in the frigid air. Oh there were some chatty Cathys on there, rambling about how it would make more sense if the race started at 10 instead of 8. (Oh, am I glad it didn’t!) because this particular person just can’t function getting up before 7am. She convinces herself she’s sick and needs to go back to bed. (I’m not exactly sure how this method works for dealing with regular life, who knows…) Anyway, eventually we got there. I always getting paranoid about running late, so there was a while before the race started. This gave me plenty of time to pick up my race bib, and do some laps in the parking lot and stretch adequately. There are definite benefits to having a friend or family member come out with you because when your car is far away you’re not trying to keep track of a bunch of stuff. Luckily, some of the organizers let me leave a little bag up under the picnic table. Silly me knew to wear pants because of how cold it was, but forgot they didn’t have a pocket so I had tied my car key to the drawstring and tried to slip it under the waist band. Yeah, now I have a great bruise going on my side. BUT despite that minor complaint, let me just tell you it was a gorgeous run. The air was crisp and cool, the scenery was beautiful, and the course was really not that rough. (I always psych myself out about trail runs!) I pushed myself really hard at the end, and finished with a PR time of 27:28, which I was really excited about. A cool feature of this race was that afterwards you could get a free skin cancer screening, so that was pretty cool. Of course I was the only one I saw take off my shoes, but I’m always paranoid about everything (especially since the doctor told me any pigmentation on your feet is a bad sign.) The doctor assured me that it wasn’t anything unusual. Anywya, then I hurried home and got ready for a day trip over to Destin and Sea Side with Megan for some outlet shopping and beach time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and I’m sure I’ll share a little bit more about that later!


This weekend just happened to be a busy race weekend. I knew since I started running that I wanted to participate in the FSU Cares 5K. The race is always the Sunday before FSU’s Homecoming weekend. A few years ago (when I was still in college,) Mandy and I participated in it to earn points for our homecoming team. Back then we walked the whole thing. I knew when I started running that I wanted to sign up for this one in order to prove to myself that I could run it instead. It just so happened that it was the day after the Maclay Gardens 5k I was really set on participating in, too. So that’s how I ended up doing both. Well, after pushing myself so hard on Saturday I figured yesterday would just be a slow run, and I would just take whatever I could get and be happy in completing it. It was another cool morning, but this race didn’t start til 9AM. If you’re not familiar with FSU’s campus, it has some hills. So, this course was definitely one of the hillier ones I’ve run so far, especially for a race day. It’s kind of bizarre because this race course took me past all the places I spent the majority of my time during college. Past the street my dorm was on freshman year, past my sorority house, past the College of Communication. It was like a wrap-up of my college life. I was determined not to walk any of it, and I didn’t. I completed it in in 27:39 which was a few seconds off o my PR from the day before, but I was happy with it because I finished my goal. I don’t normally hang around for forever after races, but this time I went and took a spot in the grass to stretch out for a while, and watch people come in and cheer on with others, and listen to the running chit chat (which is always so fascinating to me, like listening to track people talk. I love it!) Well, then I’d been there for a while so I was like hey! I haven’t seen an “awards ceremony” yet, I may as well stick around for that. To my surprise my name ended up being called for third place in the female 20-25 age group! Who’d have thought? So, that was pretty exciting (and I’m glad I didn’t leave.) Now, it’s rest day which is a good thing, and I am taking full advantage of.




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